1. J

    Southern Farm Show Feb 1.2.&3

    The Southern Farm Show returns to the NC State Fairgrounds the first week of February. If you have had thoughts (dreams) of owning a bandsaw mill, this it the show for you. Usually there are three or four vendors, showing their wares.
  2. S

    Festool Recon Tools 20% Feb only -Toolking

    Festool, finally succumbing to Economic Pressures? Or Economic Realities? http://www.toolking.com/brand/festool-tools/festool-factory-reconditioned-tools?mc_cid=50d4659771&mc_eid=d7f12c5492
  3. J

    Southen Farm Show Feb 2-4

    The Southern Farm Show returns to the State Fair Grounds next week. One of the vendors of interest is the band saw mills. If you ever want to see them in action, this is the place.
  4. Mike Davis

    2nd Free Sharpening Workshop Feb. 19

    This will be at Bill's shop in Liberty. I have the following members listed for this work shop. James Davis James Davis from Roxboro, NC JCraig Jerry from Greensboro, NC cptully Chris from Raleigh, NC ScottM Scott from Littleton, NC Berta Roberta from Cameron, NC Bill Clemmons Bill...
  5. D

    Feb 2010 Popular Woodworking wanted

    I'd like to read the article on the Shoji cabinet. If anyone in the Raleigh/Clayton/FV area has this recent issue and can let me borrow/rent/buy it, please let me know. Thanks,
  6. Goldsboro Shop Crawl

    Goldsboro Shop Crawl

  7. Goldsboro Shop Crawl

    Goldsboro Shop Crawl

  8. Goldsboro Shop Crawl

    Goldsboro Shop Crawl

  9. Ea


  10. Bowl In Progress

    Bowl In Progress

    Earl"s Shop: Segmented vase in work
  11. ScottM

    Dale Nish presenting at NCSU Feb 5th

    Dale Nish, a pioneer in modern wood turning will presenting and demonstrating at the NCSU Craft Center on Friday February 5th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. The event is FREE. Don't miss this opportunity. For those who do not know the name here is some of his bio.... "Dale Nish is one of the...
  12. R

    Google Sketchup Part Two Feb. 6

    Instructor: John Yurko Cost: $60 Bring a laptop loaded with Sketchup. Asheville Hardware/Asheville Woodworking School 91 Biltmore Ave. 828-252-8088 Email rob@ashevillehardware.com to register.
  13. MrAudio815

    Goldsboro Shop Crawl February 6th

    Hey Everyone, :gar-Bi We have moved the Goldsboro Shop Crawl to February 6th, a Saturday~! :banana: We are still getting things together and forms made. :eusa_doh: But We wanted to let everyone know so if You would like to attend or would like to add Your shop to the crawl, You can mark...
  14. Tar Heel

    Durham area lunch bunch on Feb. 11

    It's about time for the Durham area lunch bunch to gather again and eat, drink, and swap sawdust stories. It is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 12 Noon at Tylers Restaurant and Taproom . It is located in the American Tobacco historic district next to the Durham Bulls Park right off the...
  15. J

    Southern Farm Show Jan 30- Feb 1

    Yes, I know most here aren't farmers, but the farm show has the largest collection of band saw mills in this area. Usually, Northern Tools has a booth, with discount coupons for use in their stores. Location- NC State Fair grounds in Raleigh
  16. WoodWrangler

    Charlotte Woodturners Club Meeting FEB 15th

    RECEIVED THIS IN MY EMAIL TODAY >>> From: JOHN BENTON [mailto:seascaper@comporium.net] Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 9:56 PM Subject: Charlotte Woodturners Club Meeting FEB 15th Hello everyone, I wanted to send you this reminder about 2 important dates this week. Happy...
  17. woodguy1975

    Woodguy's Bandsaw Moving Party (Feb 10th)

    Ok guys and gals, In order to keep everyone on the same page I've decided to start a new thread. I'm going to have to keep it happening on Saturday for the official move. We'll get going officially around 1 o'clock and I'll get the food to show up around 2 o'clock. Folks Coming: Tarhead...
  18. DavidF

    Apex lunch club! (Tuesday Feb. 6th 12pm)

    Isn't it about time we had another Apex lunch club get together? How about sometime next week?
  19. woodguy1975

    NCwwer HELP/Gathering Feb 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It looks like I may be in need of some help on Saturday (Feb 10th) to get my new big bandsaw from my stoop outside the shop into the shop. Since my garage clearance ins't any more than my shop door clearance I'm moving it straigh into the shop. I'll strip it the top wheel, wheel cover, and...

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