1. CLetts

    Sealing Log Ends

    If I want to seal the ends of a log, do I need to buy the wax or will latex paint work?:dontknow:
  2. BKind2Anmls

    BearTooth Woods - 10% off - ends tonight

    Use code NYE10OFF
  3. erasmussen

    A face plate on both ends?

    Tried a couple of new things Made some nice tight diamonds :eusa_danc And made my first Seedpot a full 12" diameter turned over the ways on my HF lathe It was made in 2 parts and married together, the woods are Mahogany, Padauk and YH Thanks for looking Sorry for the poor photos :elvis...
  4. Gofor

    Breadboard ends

    Working on a table top. Went through the following steps: Did I do it right? Go
  5. SteveColes

    Sat 9/20 -6:AM Calendar Voting Ends early

    I will close the voting on the Calendar at 6:00AM on Sat 6/20 The visit rate goes way doen on Sat.s and this will give me 2 extra days to compose the calendar. Right now we 6x pre-orders. Please if you are going to buy a calendar, now is the time. If we get the total over 100, it will give more...
  6. sapwood

    Trash can separator and odds and ends $40

    Not mine, Raleigh craigslist. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/559452796.html Roger
  7. Toddler

    17" bandsaw at IRS. Looks nice. ends today

  8. ashley_phil

    Greensboro Free Registration ends 2-8-7

    FYI ...free registration ends on the 8th this Thursday. There's been several pass codes floated ours at work is 1521 and you're welcome to use it. Carolinas Industrial Woodworking Expo Take care.
  9. Toddler

    6" Jet Jointer On Ebay, ends in 8hrs, now at 305.

    It's too far away for me to have bid, but if it doesn't go up much in price, it's a good deal! Even has the mobility kit. Todd eBay: 6" JET Woodworking Jointer w/ mobile base & new knives (item 190069960976 end time Jan-14-07 13:00:15 PST)
  10. BobN

    Book Ends

    Here's a couple pictures of some book ends I made for the wife. Actually I made 8 sets of them for her to give to her freinds for Christmas presents. They are Walnut with a brass plate on the bottom so that the weight of the books won't push them over. This is the brass I was asking about...

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