1. Box for Secret Stuff

    Box for Secret Stuff

    The first of seven boxes for "secret stuff" I'm building this year for my 3 sons and 4 nephews
  2. T

    Door panel finishing

    So I understand the reason for finishing the panel before assembly. But what I am not sure of is do I completely finish the panel with all coats or do I put one coat on it, then assemble, then continue with the coats of finish on the complete assembly?
  3. Bas

    Shower door clip replacement

    I have a shower with sliding glass doors. The glass panel has a plastic clip attached to it that slides along the bottom track. View image in gallery View image in gallery As you can see in the pictures, the clip cracked in the bottom left corner. As a result, the clip slips out of the...
  4. L

    Out door bench finish

    I have built an outdoor bench out of fir and would like to put a exterior oil of stain. I would like the grain to show and would love to have some product recomendations. I know it will need refinishing every year.
  5. S

    Finishing exterior solid wood front door

    I'm looking for suggestions-- I just finished and installed a new (raw) door for a friend. Used oil primer followed by Valspar Ultra Premium Interior/Exterior High Gloss black latex. I knew from the doors on my own house, that I could expect some problems at the weatherstripping-- paint...
  6. R

    Door Alternatives

    I presently have two 2-0 x 6-8 pocket doors (together making a 4-foot opening) between my 2-car garage and a 1-car garage I use as a workshop. The doors are interior hollow-core molded types. Since adding HVAC to the shop I find that besides being poor insulators, the doors warp with changes...
  7. D

    # of hinges on large frame & panel door?

    I'm building a cabinet with a face frame that will have two fairly large frame & panel doors. Each is ~ 17" by 60" and weighs 14 lbs. How many blum-type hinges will I need per door? The panels are veneered MDF and I plan on gluing them into the frame for strength, in addition to reinforcing the...
  8. Mark Gottesman

    Need Advice on Front door Refurb

    I have a front door unit with side panels that needs a total refurb. The exterior finish has failed after neglecting it for way to long. It is, I believe, fir. I am leaning towards paint as the finish since I think it would be difficult to erase the dark color of the original finish. My main...
  9. DSC05933


    pine door 1
  10. Phil S

    FREE Oak door slab 3/0 x 7/0 x 1 3/4

    I have four door slabs available for free. They are commercial doors and have been prepped for locksets and hinges. They are natural finished. These are at a North Raleigh commercial building and must be given away or loaded in my dump truck tomorrow morning. If you want one or more let me...
  11. Luckbox72

    Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set

    Currently on the have Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set Price:$300.25 Sale Price $129.99 + UPS $6.00 shipping
  12. Mike Davis

    Door prize!

    I will be giving away a biscuit jointer and possibly some other things at my BBQ. Help me think of some ways for folks to win the prizes. :dontknow:
  13. steviegwood

    Need a solid wood door slab

    Hi Y'all, I have a double wide and am in need of changing out our back door. I would like to find a door with a window to just replace what is there but it is not standard measurements. It measures 73&1/2"T x 29&7/8W x 1&1/2D. If I can find a door slab that could be cut down to size it would...
  14. Door trim with rosettes

    Door trim with rosettes

  15. Bugle

    Door Knob Cane

    I took my grandkids to the Raleigh flea market a couple weeks ago and picked up a set of porcelain door knobs because they were "interesting". I decided to make a walking cane from one of them. I also decided that I was going to try to make it by hand. The only machine used was the drill...
  16. Tip


  17. Bennington Swirl

    Bennington Swirl

  18. The top

    The top

  19. Door Knob Walking Cane

    Door Knob Walking Cane

  20. Door Hinge Pivot

    Door Hinge Pivot

    Using common door hinge for wheel pivot

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