1. woodworker2000

    TechShop - $125 for 2-month membership + 6hrs class

    Groupon is offering a 2-month membership and 6 hours of classes at TechShop for $125. Below is the cut-and-paste from an email I received from them today. Seems like a good way to check the place out. Groupon is one of those sites that offers only one deal a day so this must be purchased...
  2. Asheville Hardware

    Greg Paolini Teaches Handplane Class at Asheville Hardware

    Greetings all, We at Asheville Hardware just wanted to let all of you NCWWs know that Greg Paolini will be teaching an all day (10am - 5pm) Handplane Seminar on Saturday 11/6 at classroom facility. The Cost is $125 and there are still plenty of spaces available. Here is the course...
  3. TracyP

    New Class At The Woodworking Source

    Rick DiNardo and Greg Paolini have introduced a new class to be held at The Woodworking Source. There will be two seats that will be awarded as part of the current Drawing. These two seats will include class fees and quarter sawn white oak to build the project with. So sign up soon so your...
  4. jmauldin

    refinishing class

    Just thought I would share with you folks one of my lastest projects. I have started a class on refinishing furniture at the local Habitat Restore. The idea is that when someone comes in and looks at a piece of furniture in the store and it is in need of repair/refinishing if there was someone...
  5. merrill77

    ShopBot class at Durham TechShop Wed July 28

    FYI, there is a ShopBot intro class tomorrow night that still has openings. It is designed for parent and child (age 12+), but I assume they'll let you in without a kid. $100 (including materials) for an intro class where you build a birdhouse. From what I understand, you learn enough of the...
  6. R

    Lonnie Bird Woodworking Class

    I attended a class last week at the Lonnie Bird School of Fine Woodworking ( ). It was the Woodworking Essentials class. The class was based on learning hand tool techniques, particularly joinery (dovetail, mortise / tenon). Lonnie even spends time explaining the...
  7. Woodguy1975 Dovetail Class

    Woodguy1975 Dovetail Class

    Brad at work
  8. Woodguy1975 Dovetail Class

    Woodguy1975 Dovetail Class

    L-R: mark Fogelman (Tarhead), John Richards (Woodguy1975), Chris Mathes, Brad Glover, Rob Payne (McRabbet), Pete Mohr (PeteM) and Barbara Foreman (B4man)
  9. R

    Fundamentals of Woodworking class

    Fundamentals of Woodworking Saturdays, June 12 and 19 10:00 am-4:30pm Instructor: Tim Williams $145 (includes all materials) Max. enrollment: 6. We enroll teenagers ages 15-16 when accompanied by a responsible adult. Gift certificates for classes are available: call 828-252-8088. Tim Williams...
  10. sash plane

    Jointer Class

    Hay Frog.... Only 3 weeks.... togo.... Looks like there are 4 of the 5 on NCWW...... Steve
  11. R

    Intro to Woodturning class

    Introduction to Woodturning April 27, 28, 29 Noon-4pm Instructor: John Roller $185 (includes all materials) Each student has his or her own lathe and set of turning tools. Students get a 10% discount on some merchandise. Call 252-8088 or email Rob Kimzey at to...
  12. R

    Lonnie Bird Class

    Lonnie Bird has just added a class to this year's schedule. He will hold one additional "Woodworking Essentials" class, in August. His classes for the whole year are sold out. They usually do sell out fairly quickly. If interested, go to
  13. C

    The Sawmill

    Hello all, I just want to encourage everyone to stop by and see us. We welcome every level of wood worker. If you have some questions and want to learn how to attempt to take on a new project, Kyle or myself will be glad to help. (Not saying we know everything, but if we do have some experience...
  14. H

    Rob Cosman Class

    Hi Everyone: I attended the Rob Cosman class given at the Greenville Woodcraft store yesterday and I thought I'd like to give you a few of my impressions. After I attend one of these things, I end up being a little confused because so much came at me so fast. I question my methods of work that I...
  15. ScottM

    Had a Great Class

    I attended Roy Underhill's class on dovetails and mortising. It was a great experince. I highly recommend it. The class is a full day 9:00 to 5:30 and you get a lot of hands on experince. Every one made through dovetails, half blind dovetails and a mortise and tenons. I never knew that working...
  16. sash plane

    Roy Underhill - Jan 22 Class, Dovetails

    Just got an email from Roy about class on Jan 22, With a PDF on dovetailing.... class is getting close... He said he will be there at 8:30am so we don't have to wait out side. Who is going to the 22nd class....? I was going to go to the MWTCA event, but forgot to set clock.... just call me mr...
  17. R

    Pen Turning Class

    Learn to turn pens with John Roller $75 Jan. 9, noon-4pm Max. enrollment: 6 Asheville Woodworking School in the lower level of Asheville Hardware 91 Biltmore Ave. in downtown Asheville 828-252-8088 To register, email Rob Kimzey at or call 828-252-8088.
  18. Jerome B

    make a bench in a day class

    I was wondering if there would be any interest in a class where we would build a portable work bench that is set up for hand tools. The class would be a one day class. The point of the class would be to have a good way to learn: 1. how to cut mortises and tenons. 2. How to drawbore a mortise...
  19. R

    Another Google Sketchup class

    We've scheduled another Google Sketchup class as the last one filled so quickly! It will be Sat., January 16, from noon-4pm. Cost is $60. Instructor: John Yurko. Sketchup is for design of furniture and more. It's a free, downloadable 3D design program from Google. Students must bring it...
  20. Klingspor 2009

    Klingspor 2009

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