1. Carving Class

    Carving Class

  2. Carving Class

    Carving Class

    Mark Strom (aka Stave)
  3. Carving Class

    Carving Class

  4. Carving Class

    Carving Class

  5. Carving Class

    Carving Class

  6. Mike Davis

    Class opening

    There is one spot open for the carving class this Saturday in Liberty. For info please see here and here
  7. Mike Davis

    Carving Class Next Saturday July 30

    I hope everyone is ready for the carving class next Saturday July 30 with Mark Strom. The class will be at Bill Clemmons' Shop in Liberty. Bill will be sending directions later in the week. Please remember to bring cash for the fees, $100 for the class, $5 for lunch or bring your own, $6...
  8. P

    Recent Class at the Woodwrights School

    This past Sunday I attended the hand saw sharpening class with Bill Anderson at the Woodwright's School. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a great learning experience. One of the best parts was getting to meet some fellow woodworkers, some from NC and another from MD. Bill...
  9. ashley_phil

    Took a Turning Class

    Last fall we were back home in Murphy and I saw an ad in the local paper for Nantahala Country Workshop up in Andrews, so I drug the wife and kids up to take a look. I met the owner/proprieter Marty Libman and he was kind enough to give me a quick tour and a few pointers. In talking to him he...
  10. Asheville Hardware

    Fall Class Schedule!

    Our fall class schedule is up on the website now. You can view a list of class descriptions with dates for each time it's offered here. If you prefer a calender view that you can scroll month by month through, check it out here. We even have a PDF of the schedule that you can download here as...
  11. S

    upcoming carving class info

    Sorry it has taken so long, my little shop accident left me out of the shop last week. The tool list is as follows: # 3 or #5 gouge = 5, 6 or 8mm if Pfiel tool 1/4" to 3/8 if a Flexcut tool #12 = 3 to 4mm if Pfiel tool 60 degree parting tool 3/16" to 3/8" Flexcut 3/8"...
  12. Asheville Hardware

    Free Boat Building Demo @ Asheville Hardware 4/16

    Join us Saturday April 16th from 11am - 3pm for a free presentation and discussion about the Stitch and Glue method of boat construction at Asheville Hardware's Woodworking School. Bill Thomas, an experienced instructor at Maine's WoodenBoat School, will be leading the presentation with a...
  13. crokett

    Class Tonight

    Green Mulberry. About 9" wide and 5" high. Mulberry is interesting, it didn't really create much in the way of long peelings. I did some practicing last week on some firewood with gouge technique. I've been having problems with depth control but the practicing helped a lot on this bowl.
  14. crokett

    More Pictures From Class

    It has been a few weeks. Here's what I did tonight. It is about 13". The instructor thinks I might lose it. I turned it down just under 1" and he is afraid it will warp too much to be able to finish it. I sure hope that doesn't happen.
  15. 2/19/11 Sharpening Class

    2/19/11 Sharpening Class

  16. DWSmith

    Woodworking Class Question

    Okay. I make end grain cutting boards. Everyone makes them. Maybe we can make them better? I have been thinking about offering a 2 day hands-on class in the techniques of building good boards that I have come up with in the past 6 years of doing it full time. (I have made somewhere between...
  17. crokett

    Turning Class This Week

    Was a lot of fun. It is self-directed, which I like. I get to pick the project and learn what I want. I got to see a lathe jump when someone (not me) had a catch and a big green blank got knocked off-center. I learned on a small blank to make a glue-on tenon out of hw and not pine after I...
  18. crokett

    Had My First Turning Class Tonight

    The only turning I did was some roughing of a bowl blank - all the students got to try and roughing the head to my walnut mallet round. OTOH, I learned I need to replace the factory wheel on my grinder with something finer and I really need to make a wolverine sharpening jig. I also got some...
  19. crokett

    Bummer - Turning Class Was Cancelled

    Supposed to start a turning class tonight at ACC. They called and said night classes were still cancelled. Will start next week. I was looking forward to learning how to really sharpen my tools.
  20. B

    Gregory Paolini table build class at The Woodworking Source

    The Limbert style coffee table build class at The Woodworking Source this past weekend was a blast! A big thanks goes out to Greg Paolini and Rick Dinardo of The Woodworking Source for putting this event together! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Greg is an outstanding teacher and put all skill...

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