1. Stuart Kent

    Permanent home, new tools, & new classes for the North Carolina Furniture School!

    Good Morning All, Mike Davis asked me to share this big news with you, (and I just invited him to come teach a class for us, so let's make that happen - who's interested?). Also several folks here on the forum have asked what the school is and how it came to be, so here is the story and the big...
  2. C

    Handsaw Skills with Richard Moore

    Handsaw Skills Instructor: Richard Moore Date: Sunday, May 26 Time: 10am-5pm Class Fee: $84 Materials: $10 Skill: All, Age: 18+ Handsaws: their use and abuse. In conjunction with the handsaw sharpening workshop, handsaws their use and abuse is an important part of improving your hand tool...
  3. Berta

    Workshop on Scroll Saw Inlay Liberty, NC

    It has been brought to my attention that my previous post was confusing. Description of Workshop a. Topics to be covered: Bevel cut inlay on the Scroll Saw b. Instructor names: Berta and Scott M c. List of materials that attendees need to bring 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to 1”...
  4. Berta

    Bevel Cut Inlay on the Scroll Saw

    THIS IS A WORKSHOP CLASS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON ! The class is finally ready to go! This is the project I am teaching. I will also have my flocking kit and will demonstrate how to flock the inside of your box. You will need the following materials: 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to...
  5. Stuart Kent

    very nice write up from Mary May!

    Mary May taught a fantastic 2 day carving class at The North Carolina Furniture School recently and shared this write up with me so I thought I would share it with you. She was delightful to host and I look forward to having her teach another workshop next year!
  6. Stuart Kent

    Thanks to Scott Smith and all who came to the Design Class Yesterday

    I wanted to thank Scott Smith for hosting the design class yesterday, as well as all the guys who came. It was a real pleasure to meet each of you. Thanks again for sharing your work, I enjoyed seeing the variety of styles and ideas during our critique. I look forward to seeing you all again...
  7. Stuart Kent

    Design Class November 15, Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh

    Good Morning All, We will meet at Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh at 9:00 am, and will conclude around 4:00 pm. There are still a few seats available so anyone interested please contact me by email: The day will consist of a 3 hour morning class, lunch, and a 2 hour design...
  8. Stuart Kent

    UPDATE: Design Class at Scott Smith's Shop in Raleigh

    Hello all, I wanted to tell you that we will hold the Design class at Scott Smith's shop on Saturday November 15. Thanks to all who have registered here through the forum! I have registered several people through my website also, so the class will have a good group and I am excited to meet...
  9. Stuart Kent

    Design Class at Scott Smith's Shop in Raleigh

    Please vote for a date. Demystifying Design with Stuart Kent at Scott Smith’s Shop in Raleigh Saturday (October 25 or November 15) $135 per person, class size limited to 25 people. · $45 deposit required for registration, checks by mail and all major credit cards accepted. ·...
  10. My final result from the inlay class

    My final result from the inlay class

    This is the federal fan-style inlay that I made in the inlay class (and completed at home).
  11. inlay-medallion


  12. inlay-glueing-medallion


  13. inlay-filling-scallops


  14. Scott Meek

    Check out the 2012 class schedule at Gregory Paolini Design

    The schedule has been released for the GPD Woodworking Academy. There are still a few class descriptions that are missing, but they will be coming soon. Check out the schedule now and be sure to sign up soon for any classes you are hoping to take. I hope to even see some of you in the classes I...
  15. MT native

    Traditional Woodcarving and Apprenticeship Class

    I am passing along this information as a courtesy to Sara Stine and SSVA. I have taken classes there before and can personally recommend the school. If you have any questions I would suggest you contact Sara. I have not seen their new Wood Studio and have no information about it...
  16. eyekode

    Results of carving class with Mark Strom

    I attended the carving class taught by Mark Strom last weekend. Thanks again to both Mark for the instruction and Bobby G for the hospitality. It was a great time! I didn't manage to finish my carving at the class but I found an hour or two last night. Here is what I ended up with :) I...
  17. bobby g

    Basic Relief Carving Class, October 29th, 2011

    The long awaited Basic Relief Carving Class was held today at my shop near Pittsboro. We learned a lot, made lots of chips and had great fellowship! Thanks to our instructor Stave and my fellow students for making this a great day. Here are a couple of photos; more can be found in my gallery...
  18. Asheville Hardware

    Build a wood plane class

    Just wanted to let you all know, there is still room for a couple open spots in the Wood Plane class I am teaching here at the store tomorrow. Wood planes perform unlike any metal bodied plane out there. They provide unparalleled feedback when in use, letting you know through tactile feedback...
  19. L

    Charles Neil Spray Finishing Class

    If anyone is looking for an excellent class on spray finishing water based products I heartily recommend they consider Charles Neil's finishing class in New Market Virginia. I just completed the class and learned tons. We covered everything from wood prep and blotch control to coloring with...
  20. bobby g

    Triangle Area Basic Relief Carving Class Scheduled - UPDATE

    The class is now full. Basic Relief Carving Class I’m going to host the Triangle Area Basic Relief Carving class to be taught by Stave (Mark Strom) that was discussed last week in another thread. Mark and I have settled on...

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