1. J

    Boat Building

    Greetings All, I'm Matt, newbee here. I e-mailed David before posting here to make sure it was ok. I own a small side business called JEM Watercraft . I design mostly canoes and kayaks for folks who like to build there own boats from plywood, epoxy, and fiberglass...
  2. rick7938

    Building Jointer Stand

    One of the power tools that I inherited from my father is an old Craftsman 6" jointer. The problem is that he had it mounted on a bench that was built into his workshop. When I brought the jointer home, I couldn't bring the bench, so I am going to have to build a new stand. The stand will not...
  3. D

    Basic cabinet building book

    Hi..I just discovered this site over the holidays. "Wow" pretty much sums it up. I've been a rank amateur for a number of years...done a lot of DIY on my house, etc. but now I'm going to try my hand at stuff that requires something smaller than a 2x4. I'm looking to build a basic cabinet...
  4. Phillip

    building a workbench

    Ok, I'm starting a new job in a few days. Once I've settled in I'd like to make a new workbench. I'm a big fan of traditional benches, Tage Frid and Frank Klausz' benches in particular. Does anyone have any reasons for or against building a bench like this, or would anyone suggest anything else?
  5. DaveO

    Building a fence this weekend

    I am building a fence for a display the company I work for is setting up at the Southern Ideal Home Show here in Raleigh. I have found a source for kiln dried after treating (KDAT)pressure treated lumber. I want to use it to minimize twisting and bowing, and to allow it to be painted sooner. I...

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