1. Birdhouse_1


  2. BKind2Anmls

    Natural Birdhouse/Brown-headed Nuthatch

    I make a few of these types of birdhouses for friends. They are very easy and use logs that I hollow out. The hardest thing is removing the bark. One of my friends took a picture of the house with the bird that had taken up residence.
  3. Birdhouse


  4. Birdhouse


  5. sawduster

    birdhouse commision

    my bossman wanted a special gift for his girlfriends grandfather. The man is a retired doctor and a graduate of Clemson. He is really into birdhouses and they wanted something unique for him. I tossed around a lot of ideas, initially planning an old time dr's office facade. I don't know what...
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  7. birdhouse4


  8. birdhouse31


  9. birdhouse21


  10. birdhouse11


  11. Bryan S

    Paint the Birdhouse MawMaw?- First Project

    That is how our grandson woke up mawmaw a while back at 6:30 on a Saturday morning. This is Wesley's very first project, it was a feeder kit but, he did the painting all by himself. All mawmaw did was open the watercolors. He could not wait for us to take a picture. It is the closest thing I...
  12. T

    Need recommendations for good birdhouse plans

    Hey guys, Starting a project at work to be a little more Environment and Wildlife friendly... One idea was to mount various types of birdhouses around the property to provide homes for those wonderful insect eating friends (and maybe Bats too...) So... I would appreciate suggestions on where...
  13. B

    OK Crap construction ---> Barred Owl Birdhouse -- $129.99 plus SHIPPING

    Ok, I am not sure if this is against policy, but I have a rant against aabirdhouses. Take a look at these bird houses, and the cost. OUCH, like a crappy Barred Owl Birdhouse for 130.00 for plywood with a hole in it... :( Bad work, I know my bird houses are not like John in Cranbrook extreme...
  14. Pinehurst Martin House

    Pinehurst Martin House

    Oblique View
  15. Top of Martin House

    Top of Martin House

    Shows how to clean upper level
  16. Pinehurst Martin House

    Pinehurst Martin House

    Front View of Martin House
  17. Pinehurst Martin House Bottom (cleaning)

    Pinehurst Martin House Bottom (cleaning)

    Shows how to clean lower level
  18. scsmith42

    Simple birdhouse plans

    Can anybody make any recommendations as to where I can obtain plans to make some simple birdhouses? I'm thinking in particular about bluebird houses. Thx. Scott
  19. cranbrook2

    Extreme Birdhouse # 44

    Hi everyone ,I just got a new computer and finally hi speed yesterday so things are faster then ever .:thumbs_up Here is my latest Extreme Birdhouse . This one is made from 100 year old reclaimed barn wood . It is 5 ft wide , 7 ft tall and has a built in bird bath on the roof . The railings...
  20. cranbrook2

    Extreme Birdhouse return

    Hi everyone and Happy New Years . I just wanted to say that i will be returning here a lot more often soon . I have had lots of medical problems over the past year and i am beginning to feel much better . The other thing is i am finally getting high speed in my area so no more slow Internet for...

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