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Hi All,
Maybe some will remember the visit to Raleigh by Marlen Kemmet last year. Marlin is the Managing Editor for Wood Magazine and had happened upon our NCWW site, was totally impressed, contacted Doug Robinson, and asked for an opportunity to check us out...Doug then collected Scott Smith and myself into a welcoming committee. I picked him up at the airport, took him to see my shop (his request), had lunch with Scott and Doug, took him to Scott's QS Oak facility which totally blew him away, and redeposited him at the airport about 6 hours later.

When I built my shop I made a wood storage rack almost all across one wall. One of the shelves at working level became a cut-off table for the radial arm. I found a source for big lengths of 1/8" x11/2"x 1" aluminum U channel (20 ft. lengths...try bringing that home in a pick-up!!), and figured out a simple sliding stop to run on it. Marlen took a few shots around the shop and e-mailed me a few days later about the fence stop I made for the cut-off table. He wanted to put it in the magazine. Here are his pictures..the magazine article looks much prettier. I didn't think it was anything new, but he did..and the result is in the November issue of Wood Magazine in the Shop-Tips section.




I thought the best part was having a scale on the channel and a cursor on the stop. They left room in the Wood drawings to put a small plastic piece in for the cursor, but no tape measure.

I think they were thinking of it more for a chop-saw. Anyway, I hope someone finds it useful.

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Don, congratulations! I saw the article and plan to build the stop for my mitre fence. :wsmile:
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