1. J

    Grizzly Coupons in Wood Magazine?

    I'm looking at purchasing a Grizzly table saw, and customer service just told me that there's a 10% coupon in Wood magazine. My understanding is that the coupon is only included in subscription copies, not newsstand copies. Does anyone have an active Grizzly coupon that they would be willing to...
  2. Stuart Kent

    Hot Off The Press!!!

    I'm shouting from the mountain top again (although it's really more like almost sea level here and the trees are way higher than my house). My third and latest ad just came out in Our State Magazine! Help support professional woodworking in NC - and spread the word about my custom furniture...
  3. D

    walnut crotch wood magazine rack

    Staying with the theme of walnut crotch wood for a while longer. I designed this magazine rack and the piece is solid walnut. both ends came from either side of a big hole in the tree, where a big branch was before it rotted off and just left a hole. Dave
  4. K

    Fine Woodworking magazine

    I am inquiring to see if anyone has issue #184 (May/June 2006) of Fine Woodworking Magazine?
  5. Bugle

    Magazine rack plans...anyone have one?

    My wife is really tired of having my magazines and my laptop laying on the end table and/or on the floor beside the sofa. I'm looking for plans for a magazine style rack that will hold both magazines and my laptop. Anyone know where I can get one? I guess I could design my own with SketchUp...
  6. bobby g

    Updated - 1/2 Price Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Ran across this a while ago, tried it and it worked. (I called Popular Woodworking to confirm that I was subscribed for 2 years). 2 years for $19.96! I don't recall if it has automatic renewal tied to it. bobby g Sorry.. I forgot to...
  7. red

    Wood Magazine Subscription Started

    I got my first issue of “Wood” magazine today with the special deal they ran back in January. I was late to the party and got it for $4.99 a year for four years but still a great deal. Just glancing through it and it seems like a very nice magazine. I like the trebuchet they show. Could be a fun...
  8. froglips

    Missing: April 2011 Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Procrastination has bit me (yet again). My copy never arrived in the mail. By the time I contacted Popular Woodworking, the issue was out of print. Totally my bad. If anyone is out and about and finds a copy on a newstand, I'd be grateful if you could snag me a copy. No luck finding...
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Offer from Marlen Kemmet from Wood Magazine

    During a telephone discussion today, Marlon offer to come talk to our group (Obviously to be usefule to us it would have to be at the annual picnic/meeting). The catch is we would have to pick up his airfare and lodging. That could kill the idea as: 1. That is $ we have not budgeted, 2. I am...
  10. W

    Woodworking magazine Autumn 2004

    If anyone has a copy of this journal, could you contact me on PM? I can't find it anywhere on line. thanksa for any help.
  11. Leviblue

    Woodcraft Magazine Subscription - $4.99

    I saw this ad come across tonight and thought a few of you may want to subscribe. The magazine subscription show for $4.99, if needed use code "wood" to get discount. link to ad...
  12. zapdafish

    magazine recommendation?

    I am looking for a magazine on Woodturning that has nice howto's and examples. Any recomendations? Catering to beginners would be nice as well. thnx....Steve
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Question for the Editor of Wood Magazine

    I got the idea to collect people's questions for, Marlen Kemmet, the Editor of Wood magazine, from the following thread: So, give me your questions about Wood magazine and try to be polite. Marlen will provide me with his answers and...
  14. Touchwood

    Fence Stop/ Wood Magazine November 2010

    Hi All, Maybe some will remember the visit to Raleigh by Marlen Kemmet last year. Marlin is the Managing Editor for Wood Magazine and had happened upon our NCWW site, was totally impressed, contacted Doug Robinson, and asked for an opportunity to check us out...Doug then collected Scott Smith...
  15. Don_Patterson_Shop_004


  16. Don_Patterson_Shop_003


  17. Don_Patterson_Shop_002


  18. Don_Patterson_Shop_001


  19. NCTurner

    Fine Woodworking Magazine Scans

    Looking for some scans on an old Fine Woodworking article: Fine Woodworking Magazine ,March 1986 Neil Weston lathe build by Jerry Blanchard if anyone can help, shoot me a PM
  20. jpaup

    NCWW'er Featured in Sept Wood Magazine

    Check out the article on our own NCWWer (AlexL) on page 38 of the September Wood magazine. Nice turned pens and even a mention of the NCWW Spring picnic and Klinspoor contest. Way to go Alex!

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