1. Stuart Kent

    Design Class November 15, Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh

    Good Morning All, We will meet at Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh at 9:00 am, and will conclude around 4:00 pm. There are still a few seats available so anyone interested please contact me by email: The day will consist of a 3 hour morning class, lunch, and a 2 hour design...
  2. Stuart Kent

    UPDATE: Design Class at Scott Smith's Shop in Raleigh

    Hello all, I wanted to tell you that we will hold the Design class at Scott Smith's shop on Saturday November 15. Thanks to all who have registered here through the forum! I have registered several people through my website also, so the class will have a good group and I am excited to meet...
  3. Leviblue

    Raleigh, NC Pen Turners Meeting (IAP) in November

    The next meeting for the Raleigh, NC chapter of IAP, which is open to anyone willing to make the meeting, is scheduled for November 10, 2011 at 6:30pm. The WoodCraft store at 4317 Pleasant Valley Road in Raleigh will the location to meet. The group has had several successful meetings with...
  4. Mike Davis

    November 12 Hand Plane Workshop

    This will be at Bill's shop in Liberty, if you have been there you know what a fine place to work it is and if you haven't you will be in awe of the space and organization. Our aim is to show and discuss old hand planes as you would find at a flea market or auction, show what to look for, what...
  5. Touchwood

    Fence Stop/ Wood Magazine November 2010

    Hi All, Maybe some will remember the visit to Raleigh by Marlen Kemmet last year. Marlin is the Managing Editor for Wood Magazine and had happened upon our NCWW site, was totally impressed, contacted Doug Robinson, and asked for an opportunity to check us out...Doug then collected Scott Smith...
  6. Bas

    DOC Shop Crawl - November 2009

    I can't believe there is no posting yet on the DOC shop crawl! Bunch o'slackers. I really enjoyed the DOC crawl. The weather was great, and each shop had something unique. Bob's shop was a model in efficient storage, and his lathe with tool stand took center stage. Dan's shop was the poster...
  7. Tarhead

    Antique Tool Collector's Meet at Bethania November 7

    The November meeting of the M-WTCA will be held in Bethania, NC at Bethania Moravian Church (Fellowship Hall in rear of church)...
  8. willarda

    November Handtool woodworking workshops

    I will be conducting two one-day workshops in November. If you have any interest, please drop me an email. Worhshops are 9am-5pm. I provide lunch. Each workshop has a detailed manual that I have written. Cost is $80 for a one-day workshop. 919-932-6050 or
  9. J

    Enco deals for November

    Got the Enco ( flyer yesterday. Some interesting deals are: Dial indicator, with magnetic base, and points set- $18.95. 4 piece hardened steel square set-$14.95 (includes 2,3,4,and 6" squares), radial ball bearings in inch sizes ( this were used to build panel saw in recent...
  10. DaveO

    X-mas in November

    My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving this week. The fried turkey came out absolutly perfect!!!! Before they leave tomorrow, my wife suggested that we do our Christmas presents now, so we all can get the pleasure of seeing the recipient open their gifts. So after some major arm twisting, I...

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