1. M

    Need Help Identifying Species

    Hello, I came across this log on the side of the road and thought I could use it at some point. However, with only a couple of exceptions, I have a very hard time identifying the species of a tree without leaves as a guide. One side of the wood seems to have a waviness to it; not sure if that’s...
  2. S

    Ash giveaway - moving

    I have some Ash and a few other types of wood I need to get rid of - moving and can't take it with me. 5 pieces of Ash around 6" wide 12 ft long and 3/4" thick (planed smooth, rough edges) 2 pieces of Ash 8" wide 8 ft long and 1" thick A few pieces of White Oak, Brazilian cherry, some odd...
  3. C

    Novelty Wood Works Co Union City PA Desk

    Thank you for the account acceptance! I have a desk(pictures below) and looking for what it might be worth. I found a post on this site from a while ago referencing a desk of the same manufacturer and style. However haven't been able to find any values online. Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  4. D

    Where to find yellowheart

    I am in search of about 10bf of 4/4 yellowheart if anyone knows where a man can get some please let me know. I am in western North Carolina but with the current situation don’t really want to travel to far and I don’t mind ordering and paying shipping online if I have to. I have looked at a lot...
  5. Bnance

    Chestnut or Oak

    Is this reclaimed chestnut or reclaimed oak?It was taken from a very old building and was used as a workshop table top.
  6. Thewoodworkingsource

    It’s that time of year

    Stop by to pick up some tools and free coffee! Also come on by just to visit to get to know fellow wood workers. Have a Merry Christmas. open till 12:00pm today.
  7. Thewoodworkingsource

    The Woodworking Source

    Hello Everyone, We just wanted to reach out in forum to invite current customers and new ones to The Woodworking Source on Saturdays from 8am-12pm. We are back open now on Saturdays for that time frame. Come enjoy coffee and tools. We have Festool, Woodpecker, Kreg, Whitesides, and Freud items...
  8. C

    Fall into Art Tool, Equipment, & Furniture Sale @CCSA Sept 21

    We'd love to have you come here and rent a space or just shop others' tools, equipment and furniture. Rain or Shine! 276.236.3500 | M-F 9am-5pm
  9. L

    CAD Software of Choice

    Curious to garner the opinions of kindred spirits who use CAD to work out their projects before setting board to blade. Specifically, what is your preferred software and how well do you manage workflow with it. For example... I model everything I build in CAD. Doing so provides me several...
  10. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  11. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  12. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  13. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  14. Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

    Walnut, Locust, Poplar, Oak and Hickory Slabs

  15. W

    Mother's Day Build

    My brother and I have talked about building some outdoor furniture for mother's day, and well... time is almost up. I know the basic design I would like to build, but I have some questions regarding the materials and finishing. The items will be designed to sit on their front porch, which will...
  16. W

    Replace kitchen knife handles

    Does anyone have experience replacing kitchen knife handles? I bought a few inexpensive knives today and have been thinking about restoring knives for my next project(s). The handles can be salvaged with some work, but I think replacing the handles will be better long term. Any comments? From...
  17. Stuart Kent

    Hardwoods for sale - many species

    the North Carolina Furniture School officially reopened in our new location in Ayden, near Greenville, NC. We have the following lumber in stock, come see us! All lumber Select Grade or better, rough sawn, random width with wide boards up to 20" available. Prices are in board feet. All sales...
  18. N

    Cuban Mahognany

    Hi all, I have a piece of cuban mahogany that I have listed on Craigslist (Asheville). I have it listed for $350.00. I would like to offer it to the ncwoodworker community here at a discount.....$300.00 The piece is about 7 board ft. it is 2.25"-2.5" thick throughout and is an oval cookie. this...
  19. Stuart Kent

    Lumber for Sale Eastern NC

    Hello all, I have about 10,000 BF of exotics for sale. My shop is in Ayden, near Greenville if you want to come peruse. I have to meet by appointment right now because I have a lot of work going on, but please give me a call if your interested. I have some beautiful wide boards in the piles, and...
  20. charlessenf

    Air-dried Walnut - Lenoir, NC

    Walnut 5/4 Rough Cut and First Cut Cured 3yrs + Hickory Craigslist: https://hickory.craigslist.org/mat/6172320618.html Air-dried outside for three years +/- 5/4 Live edge and a few 'First Cuts' I had dreams of building he wife a walnut kitchen. Now, time to pass this cache on to another...

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