1. 2015 March Winner

    2015 March Winner

    Berta\'s Scroll Saw Butterfly, March 2015 Contest Winner
  2. Nice table - Professional category winner

    Nice table - Professional category winner

  3. ScottM

    GWL winner

    We have two people that have self nominated themselves. Mburke911 and WoodenU. Koosball was nominated by another member but declined. My choice would be Mburke911. He has been a member since 5/2007 with 220 post. He was also the first to nominate them self. The other person, WoodenU has...
  4. ScottM

    And the winner is

    It is with great pleasure to announce tonight that Jim aka Froglips will be the next proud member to host the Good Will Lathe. Jim welcome to the dark side.
  5. ScottM

    Calendar Contest winner

    The voting is over. I am kinda disappointed in the total number that voted but it is what it is. Before I announce the winners we have work to do. Please double check that I have read the totals correctly: Cover - ErnieM Spindel - flyrod444 Face - DavidF Pen - AlexL (no surprise there)...
  6. Jim M.

    Another CL winner!

    "Two antique wood lays - $100" :no: Linky Please make them stop... It's all too much!!!!!! Jim
  7. TracyP

    And the winner is.......

    The winner of the auction to benefit NCWW is DavidF. With a final price that will help ncww out, David has won the saw listed in the auction here. Thanks to all who have bid on this saw to benefit NCWW. Pony express may need to...
  8. farmerbw

    And the Winner is..........

    Got this from an email from Popular Woodworking. While I've never read their mag I'm somehow getting regular emails from them and I thought this was kinda funny. The contest was for "The Most Pathetic Work Benches" and these were the "winners". :gar-La; Brian.
  9. A

    Not a winner this time

    The results aren't out, but based on the competition, there is no way I'm going to win the Wood Mag/Freud door contest. I'd trade my Shop contest prize for this one in a heart beat! For those who have not been to my house, which entry do you think is mine? No fair looking at the pic URL. And...
  10. NCTurner

    And The Winner Is..........

    Here is the winning ticket # 240 It was a great lunch here are some pics.....
  11. Tar Heel

    And the winner is.......

    ????????? Made you look didn't I. :gar-La;:gar-La;:gar-La;
  12. NCTurner

    There's a winner in here somewhere!

    Is it YOU?
  13. T

    And The Winner Is.................

    Merry Christmas Dave O'Nan. This is your new Shop Fox Hybrid Tablesaw, Compliments of The Woodworking Source!!! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone for entering the drawing. I let Lola, one of our Chihuahua's choose the winner. I put all of the tickets on the floor, and she ran off...
  14. TracyP

    And the winner is!!!!!!!!!!

    The thread I started to help me come up with a new name was a success. The name I chose was an abbreviated reference to my real name. I promised to name a single member that came up with the "perfect" name, and make a donation to ncww in that person's name. Well guys and girls, I cannot...
  15. thrt15nc

    Lathe drawing - And the Winner would be.........

    :icon_chee :icon_chee Robert Arrowwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :icon_chee :icon_chee Thanks for all your interest. I'm glad to be passing this forward!! Robert we need to find a way to get this to you. Let's talk. Tom
  16. sapwood

    Another NCWWer Tip winner in Wood Magazine

    :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Cheers to Willarda (Willard Anderson) for his tip on "Quick-set gauge for honing guide" in this months' Wood magazine. Nice :icon_thum Roger
  17. Douglas Robinson

    Jet Contest Winner

    Unless one of us is Lawrence S of Goshen, IN, no one here one the February prize. :dontknow::BangHead::eusa_doh::no: Doug
  18. C

    Quick and EASY Holiday gift Contest... WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    First off, thanks go out to everyone that entered in this contest. There are some very talented people here. Give yourself a pat on the back. Judging this contest was very hard. The judges debated... consulted with wives... debated some more. Changed opinions, struggled and complained how hard...
  19. J

    And The Winner Is?

    Today, I needed to rip about 450 lin ft of 1/4 X 3/4 soft maple for edging on a set of cubbies that I'm building. The contestants are as follows: DeWalt 7657- 40 tooth general purpose blade, Forrest WWII- 40 tooth, Freud 30 tooth glue line rip blade, and Freud LU84R- 50 tooth combo blade. The...
  20. Eaglesc

    We HAve a Winner!!!!!!!!!!!

    Recently another site(IAP) who's content is solely geared to penturning held a month long third Birthday celebration.Included in the festivities were a number of contests. One of our own ,Chris Mathes won first flace in the slim line event. I don't think Chris will mind if I post a picture of...

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