1. Sensors on Cyclong Bin Cover

    Sensors on Cyclong Bin Cover

    Optical Sensors mounted across bin top.
  2. Control Box Features

    Control Box Features

    1) Power Switch with LED; 2) Horn Button; 3) Cyclone connection bushing; 4) Normal/Bypass Switch; 5) Strobe and Horn Unit.
  3. Bin Sensor System Contents

    Bin Sensor System Contents

    Components included with McRabbet Woodworks Bin Sensor system.
  4. gfernandez

    Help with stud sensor

    I am finishing out a music room in my basement, and about to start putting in baseboard. The problem is that I put in 2 one half inch sheets of sheetrock with a layer of green glue for sound insulation. The 2 stud sensors I have, a zircon and a stanley, are old and probably cheap, and while they...
  5. Bas

    Photo sensor to control compressor

    There is a similar thread on Woodnet, but that one has already degenerated into petty bickering. I plan to soundproof the closet in my workshop and use it to house the DC and compressor. Of course, being out of sight, out of mind, I'm pretty sure that one day the compressor will come up in the...
  6. Travis Porter

    Dust Collector full bin sensor

    I have had a few issues with forgetting to check to see if my dust collector is full. To the point that i have overflowed the drum for my cyclone and got the cartridge filter slam packed with wood chips. :embaresse So..... Last year Touchwood came up with what I considered a neat full...
  7. Revised Cyclone Bin Sensor Circuit

    Revised Cyclone Bin Sensor Circuit

    This is an improvement on my old Bin Sensor circuit. All 120V power through Remote Switch. 14/3 Romex from enclosure to Lamp/Photo-Eye. 12 V wall wart for Strobe Lamp not shown - connected to Remote Switch. Relay Bypass Switch allows continued DC operation after alarm when closed (useful...
  8. A

    High Dust Alarm sensor

    A few weeks ago I posted that I could not find the sensor a few of us used in our DC high dust alarms I designed, so I thought it might no longer be available. I was in Lowes the other night and found a new rack of them! If you plan to build my high dust alarm, the sensor you want is a Summit...
  9. DC Controller Circuit - 03

    DC Controller Circuit - 03

    When the light beam to the photoeye is blocked by sawdust in a full bin (here it is done artificially), the photoeye switches power to its Red output and energizes the ''Ice Cube'' relay coil, tripping the normally open contacts to the closed position and opening the contacts carrying power to...
  10. DC Controller Circuit - 02

    DC Controller Circuit - 02

    7W Candelabra at top will sit one side of Bin mouth and shines on dusk-to-dawn photoeye in lower handy box. Photoeye stays ''off'' as long as the beam shine through to opposite side. Switch on top handy box controls power to bin light and sensor. This picture, (flash in darkened room) shows...
  11. DC Controller Circuit - 01

    DC Controller Circuit - 01

    6'' by 6'' x 4'' deep PVC junction box with 230 V Contactor at left and DPDT ''Ice Cube'' relay for Bin Sensor at right. Incoming power from a Remote Controlled outlet is fed through normally closet contacts of the ''Ice Cube'' relay to the coil of the Contactor. The Contactor then passes 230V...
  12. Dust Collector Bin Sensor with Service Switch

    Dust Collector Bin Sensor with Service Switch

    I have modified my sensor circuit to include a double throw, single pole (DTSP) switch adjacent to the photoeye. In the UP position, the sensor is on and blockage of the photoeye trips the relay, shutting down the system. In the DOWN position, the relay remains energized, keeping the DC motor...
  13. Revised Controls Schematic

    Revised Controls Schematic

    Control Schematic with Bin Sensor and Safety Switch for Cyclone Dust Collector
  14. Cyclone Bin Sensor Schematic

    Cyclone Bin Sensor Schematic

    Basic control circuit for 230 Volt Cyclone with a Bin Full Sensor. Adapted from Alan Schaffter's original idea.
  15. sapwood

    Auto sensor?

    I made a post this evening that contained the word hell. I submitted for Preview expecting to see he**. Then I submited post and same again so I edited post. Is the "censor software" working? Has the word hell been omitted from the list? Doesn't bother me one way or the other, but I'm curious...

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