1. Stuart Kent

    Permanent home, new tools, & new classes for the North Carolina Furniture School!

    Good Morning All, Mike Davis asked me to share this big news with you, (and I just invited him to come teach a class for us, so let's make that happen - who's interested?). Also several folks here on the forum have asked what the school is and how it came to be, so here is the story and the big...
  2. mpholway

    WoodWright shop posts 2016 course list

    To all, The Woodwright School just published their new course list for anyone interested. The link is Regards, Matt
  3. Stuart Kent

    thanks Eastern NC woodworkers!

    I wanted to thank everyone who came to the 'meet and greet' last night. We talked about the mechanics of forming a guild, goals, potential issues, names, machinery, member benefits, etc. Now that the conversation has been started we have a lot to think about. We agreed to hold a second meeting...
  4. Stuart Kent

    very nice write up from Mary May!

    Mary May taught a fantastic 2 day carving class at The North Carolina Furniture School recently and shared this write up with me so I thought I would share it with you. She was delightful to host and I look forward to having her teach another workshop next year!
  5. ErnieM

    A Thank You for my high school

    Hi all, This June, I will be heading to New York City to attend my 50th high school reunion. My wife and I both attended this wonderful school (Music & Art High School) and I consider the extraordinary education I received there to be the corner stone and foundation for my professional life. To...
  6. N

    Revamping a Middle School Woodshop

    Hello! I’m taking over my middle school’s woodshop and I’d really appreciate your advice on good brands and beginner projects. Please keep in mind cost and that my students are hard on equipment. Table saw – 10” vs. 12”? Sliding table? Router extension? See a lot of cool stuff on...
  7. chgorugbyref

    Woodwright's School

    Just thought I'd share my experience last weekend at Roy's school. I was signed up for the class on Dovetails and Mortise and Tenon Joints as a birthday present from my better half (she rocks!). I have never attempted dovetails (read about 'em plenty, just never took the leap) but I have...
  8. farmerbw

    where to find old school desks?

    All, we've been looking for a couple of old school desks in the Raleighwood area and so far have struck out. There used to be someone at the NC Flea market that always had some a few years ago but there wasn't any to be found there last weekend. I located someone in Kinston who has a bunch...
  9. jimsto2

    John C. Campbell Folk School??? I found this place online and wondered if anyone had actually taken any of their classes? I appreciate any feedback that be offered. Thanks Jim.
  10. P

    Recent Class at the Woodwrights School

    This past Sunday I attended the hand saw sharpening class with Bill Anderson at the Woodwright's School. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a great learning experience. One of the best parts was getting to meet some fellow woodworkers, some from NC and another from MD. Bill...
  11. Jerome B

    sweating it out at the woodwright school

    Day 4 of the woodlands course at the woodwright school Horrible isn't it. Jerome
  12. K

    Benchwork week at the Woodwright's School

    Last week was benchwork week at the Woodwright's School. Learned a ton of great stuff and cut lots of dovetails and almost completed my bench top tool chest by the end of the week. I only took brought the camera on the last day so I figured I'd post a few pictures from the last day of...
  13. Kenderc

    1 day event! Historic preservation trades school in Tarboro

    For those interested, there will be a historic preservation trades school in Tarboro on 30 April. Quoted from the news release. "The event is sponsored by Edgecombe Community College and will be held at Oak Grove Farm and St. Anne’s Chapel at the intersection of Howard Avenue and McNair...
  14. F

    Auction for Randolph Co School in Asheboro Surplus Property of Randolph County Schools Saturday, April 2 – 9:00 a.m. Raindate April 16 – 9 a.m. Location: 2234 Enterprise St, Asheboro, NC (County School Bus Garage) Directions: From...
  15. Mike Davis

    Since I'm not going to school...

    We will proceed with the move this Saturday Dec. 4 as scheduled. Anyone who can help load furniture, lumber, equipment, etc. is most welcome to come out Saturday morning at 10AM. Lunch and light refreshments will be provided. Things will be given away at random. :rotflm:
  16. R

    Classes at Asheville Woodworking School

    Greg is teaching at Asheville Woodworking School this fall/winter. Here is list of his topics: Comprehensive Finishing Sharpening Using Handplanes Make Your Own Workbench Call us at 828-252-8088 to register! Thanks - Rebecca Asheville Hardware, Woodworkers' Supply...


    A project from last year
  18. Vetteman9956

    Need Help/advise for high school band project

    I have been asked to design and build a mobile platform for this drum rack for my son's high school band. The requirements are it must allow movement over grass (football field), needs to be stable to have a drummer stand on during the performance, be low to the ground 3-4" platform height, and...
  19. tjgreen

    Woodwright school summer classes

    New classes posted. Look like some really good ones too. Would love to take the bench plane class with Bill Anderson. Stupid family vacation.
  20. CarvedTones

    Great day at the Woodwright's School!

    Blurry picture, but yes, it did happen: We did these projects: No one finished the spiral or book stand there; we moved one as soon as everyone had made it through the tough steps. I also came home with a piece of wood to carve a chain and ball-in-a-cage from, which Roy demoed, but we...

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