1. ScottM

    Art Show & Sale this weekend

    I have not been posting much as of late as I have been preparing for a sale on August 20th. If anyone is going to be around the Lake Gaston area the event will be at Morning Star Marina at the Easton Ferry Bridge. Stop in and say hello. ALL NCWW members are DQ qualified in my book. :wsmile:
  2. Windy

    Agazzani B20 For Sale !!!

    Found on craigslist and already have one otherwise this would have been in my shop already. Anyone looking for a nice bandsaw this is it:
  3. 4barnwood

    For Sale 80+ year old Red Oak logs (notched).

    I reclaimed the logs from a local barn and would like to sale them. Take one or the whole load. I will take $350.00 for all. They are Red Oak, Skinned and were Notched and Stacked all still very solid. The Barn was over 80 years old. The logs are 7-10 inch in diameter and I have 10-12 that are...
  4. P

    Doors and Windows Sale in Durham 8/20/2011

    Open House Sale: Interior/Exterior Doors and Windows 5401 Friends School Road, Durham, NC 27705 on Saturday, August 20th from 8:00 A.M. -- 2:00 P.M. Collection includes: • Interior Shoji door with Maple backside and solid Cherry front side. 3-0x6-8. $200 • Two interior beveled glass Fir...
  5. P

    Reclaimed Lumber Sale in Durham 8/20/2011

    Open House Reclaimed Lumber Sale 5401 Friends School Road, Durham, NC 27705 on Saturday, August 20th from 8:00 A.M. -- 2:00 P.M. Please join us for our second Open House Lumber Sale where we have a huge selection of quality, unique reclaimed and antique lumber salvaged in North Carolina...
  6. gfernandez

    Target Coatings Sale

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Target Coatings is having a sale on some of their items. I just picked up a gallon of EM6000 satin lacquer for $36.40 plus free shipping.
  7. MarkE

    Anniversary sale @ Woodcraft

    10% off power tools & 15% off a bunch of other stuff. Two days only, July 22 and 23. So I guess one day only now.
  8. KenOfCary

    Estate Sale in Highpoint

    Looks like a few tools including a Sears radial arm saw. - Ken.
  9. M

    Fine Woodworking Book Sale

    Fine Woodworking is offering 25% off all books as a July 4th special. Lots to choose from!
  10. M

    Woodcraft 4th of July sale?

    Is woodcraft having any 4th of july sales this weekend? Any coupons??
  11. MarkE

    Peachtree 4th of July sale up to 60% off
  12. P

    Antique and Reclaimed Lumber for sale. Come out to the Open House Day in Durham!

    Open House Reclaimed Lumber Sale! 5401 Friends School Road, Durham, NC 27705 on Saturday July 9th from 9:00 A.M. -- 2:00 P.M. (Refreshments provided) Up for sale +/- 100,000 board feet of quality, unique reclaimed and antique lumber salvaged in North Carolina over the last 24 years. Buy great...
  13. KenOfCary

    Estate Sale in Greensboro

    Looks like they have some turning tools or carving tools in this tag sale Friday, Sat, Sun. Doubt if I'll make it as it's about 1.5 hours from here, but if you're closer might want to check it out. - Ken.
  14. manfre

    Pricing Bottle Stoppers For Sale

    I'm curious what price ranges everyone else uses when selling their bottle stoppers. The prices that I've seen online range from $20-70. I figure materials (wood, stopper, finish, sand paper, etc) is $7-8 per stopper depending on the wood and finish used. I don't think I'd be willing to sell one...
  15. P

    For Sale: Clear 4/4 and 5/4 Banak and 5/4 Mahogany

    For sale in Durham, NC is 4/4 and 5/4 Banak as well as 5/4 Mahogany 5/4 Mahogany is 400 board feet. It is planed on both sides. 5/4 x 5-9'' x 9-10'. 5/4 Banak is 500 board feet. The boards are rough cut. 5/4 x 4-9'' x 13'2''. 4/4 Banak is +/-85 board feet. 4/4 x 4-6'' x 6'...
  16. MikeL

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Wood Sale this weekend

    I had to go by Klingspor's this morning and found out that they are having a wood sale this weekend, June 17-19. Specials include: curly maple $3.00 bd ft, hard maple for $3.00 bd ft, and cherry (95/85) $3.50 bd ft. I believe their other wood will be discounted 10%. FYI.
  17. Joe Scharle

    Eagle Closeout Sale

    I just picked one item at random: 816-2211 9-20-24 Turbo I Vacuum REG. $410.00 SALE $299.99
  18. steviegwood

    Miller Oil Furnace 4 sale

    Hi Folks, I have an Miller oil furnace that I am interested in selling. The only reason for selling is that I up-graded to a unit that was A/C ready so I installed a new furnace and central air in our home. This is a 80,000 btu down flow unit with the filter in the door (a mobile home unit). I...
  19. S

    Klingspor Wood Sale - This Weekend

    Just left Klingspor and they told me there will be a wood sale this weekend. $3 Curly and Hard Maple and $3.50 Cherry.
  20. J

    HF Parking Lot Sale June 10,11,& 12

    One item that interested me is the HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun (47016, 6 cfm) for $9.99. Several over at Woodnet have listed it as a HF Gem. Last Sunday's paper had an add with coupon for 4 1/2" angle grinder for $9.99 (also a HF Gem.) They have a 18 gauge, 1/4" crown stapler for $19.99, and a...

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