1. mpholway

    SOLD - Dewalt DW 735 Planer with ALL of the extras $850

    This item is being listed as I have just upgraded to an 15 inch and need to clear space in my shop. I am listing it here first and will not post to C/L or local marketplace until after the weekend to give any of you first chance at it. Great planer for a smaller shop as it does not take up...
  2. mpholway

    SOLD Delta 37-866X Jointer with mobile base - $550

    This item is being listed as I have just upgraded to an 8 inch and need to clear space in my shop. It has been a reliable workhorse in my shop for years. I am listing it here first and will not post to C/L or local marketplace until after the weekend to give any of you first chance at it...
  3. O

    250-year-old oak timber available - N. Raleigh

    A recent storm felled a white oak in my yard. It had a girth of 14.5 feet, which suggests an age of about 250 years. Half of the tree is down and cut into six-foot sections. About ten have 18-inch diameters. Another dozen measure 12 to 14 inches. You can see some of those in the picture below...
  4. C

    Fall into Art Tool, Equipment, & Furniture Sale @CCSA Sept 21

    We'd love to have you come here and rent a space or just shop others' tools, equipment and furniture. Rain or Shine! 276.236.3500 | M-F 9am-5pm
  5. Sam Knight

    Rockwell Jawhorse on sale

    Great deal on this Rockwell Jawhorse at Lowes yesterday if anyone is looking for one. Normal price $120 marked down to $85 then again to $67. The Roxboro Lowe's had about 4 more in stock yesterday. I got mine! April Wilkerson swears by her Triton Superjaws which is very similar to this one...
  6. Router table

    Router table

  7. Router table

    Router table

  8. Clifton

    WTB: Jointer

    I need a jointer 6" or up, with price from $0.00 to about $350. Used of course, and do not want a bench top model. Maybe a used grizzly, jet, powermatic that someone doesnt have the room for or has replaced with a new one and wants to help me finish the last tool i need for my shop. Ive tried...
  9. Clifton

    WTB: Table Saw

    Hi guys, Brand new member here. I need your help. I am looking for a single phase table saw 3-5 hp. I am a paramedic and if you know anything about us you know we dont get paid well so inexpensive is a must. When i say inexpensive i mean between $500 and $1500. I like the powermatic 66's but i...
  10. G

    Rough Cut Walnut and 2 pieces hard pine for stair treads & other workshop items

    I am emptying out a workshop and looking for the best place and manner to sell everything in it. I could use some help in knowing how to price some of the items and then I could use help knowing where and how to post items to sell. My apologies if I'm using incorrect online etiquette. I am in...
  11. M

    15% off Jet & Powermatic, $50 rebate on DeWalt735x

    Woodcraft is have a sale March 9 - March 18: 15% on select Jet and Powermatic machinery. March 4 - March 30 there is a $50 rebate on the DeWalt DW735x planer and the DeWalt DW788 20"scrollsaw. You may call to order the DeWalt and will receive the rebate, 1-800-225-1153. March 2 and 3there...
  12. bluthart

    Delta JT360 6" Jointer for Sale

    I have a Delta JT360 for sale. It is a few years old, is like new and cuts perfectly. The blades are very sharp and it includes a 4" dust port. Absolutely no rust on the table and freshly waxed. Sold new for $375.00 at Lowes. I have it on Craigslist for $250 but will give it to a NCWW member...
  13. D

    Valentines Day sale ideas

    My schools (East Carolina University) art department is having a Valentines day sale coming up. The wood design department is encouraged to have things in there as our department is sort of on the chopping block to get desolved into sculpture :gar-Cr So any ideas of some small things I could...
  14. Flute Maker

    Wolverine or Tormek Ever on Sale?

    Not really looking to buy right now but are the wolverine or tormek sharpening stuff ever on sale? Thanks
  15. Shamrock

    $1 bd/ft lumber liquidation sale!

    Hey Folks-time to thin down the herd a bit-these are lots I recently acquired on a bulk lumber purchase where I only really wanted the butternut for sale. Sooo..... who's ready for some great deals: 1st up : 76 bd/ft of S2S 3/4" thick cherry (I'd say in between #1 common and fas quality)...
  16. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak For Sale W/Pic

    I have at least 200 BF of beautiful kiln dried 5/4 red oak in 61" lengths. Very flat, straight and clear. Widths from 5" to 11". I am asking $2.00/BF but will discount the whole 200 BF for $350.00. If interested I can provide photos. Thanks for looking.
  17. Shamrock

    For Sale $2 bd/ft black walnut

    Here's a steal - 6 walnut boards for $96 bucks Dimensions are as follows: #1 13w x 1 1/4 t x 62 #2 12w x 7/8 t x 72 #3 12w x 1 t x 108 #4 12w x 7/8 t x 108 #5 12w x 7/8 t x 108 #6 12 w x 1 t x 108 #3 and 4 are flitch cut sequentials as are #5 and #6 These dimensions...
  18. G

    Bunch of furniture wood for sale in Galax

    Seems like a lot of wood to get rid of all at once. And it requires a truck and trailer to pick up. Still might be a good deal for someone.
  19. C

    bandsaw for sale anyone?

    I am looking for a 14" bandsaw, a decent one at least. I am considering the Grizzly polar one, about $475 delivered. But am open to suggestions. All the 10" look like junk, Lowes Porter Cable(?) is nice and heavy but missing important feature (roller bearings) and Klingspores has a great deal...
  20. jglord

    High-end shop for sale

    I just found this shop sale on Craig's list - it is in Fayettevill. Here's the link. Posted Date: 2011-10-26, 11:41AM EDT This is the listing. Tools - $25000 (Fayyettville NC) Shop full of equipment .sawstop tablesaw .three dado sets/ radial arm. scm shaper. Delta shaper...

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