1. JackLeg

    Rocking Chair Gloat

    Here's a pair of cypress rockers my WW partner and I made today. We thought they turned out right nice.
  2. dino drosas

    Rocking Chair Finished

    I finally got the last coat of finish on the rocker. I will now let it cure for a week then rub it out and wax it. As I was moving it out of the shop into the house, I was suprised and pleased the way the finish appeared in the bright sunshine; so I snaped this picture. When it is completely...
  3. WoodWrangler

    Rocking Horse Progress ...

    They are getting there ... Today was able to mount the horses to the rockers ... This week I hope to wrap the rest up, which includes final sanding, ears, handles and eyes. Here are a couple of pics from today ... Hailey just couldn't wait ... so she took a pre-release ride ...
  4. WoodWrangler

    Making Progress ... Three Rocking Horses

    A trip to Woodcraft several months ago with the LOML ended up with us coming home with the Family Tradition (brand) plan for a Rocking Horse. At the time it sounded like a good idea for a nice "little" project. A few weeks later the "one" rocking horse for our daughter turned into "two" ...
  5. dino drosas

    Completed Rocking Chair

    I have finally completed my first attempt at a Maloof Style Rocker. All that is left is to sweeten up the sculpting at the joints and final sand to 320 before the finish is applied. Wood is Genuine Mahogany and will be finished with hand rubbed oil and wax.
  6. Sharp Blade

    Plans for a childs rocking chair.

    Anyone have any ideas where I can find plans for a child sized rocker? thanks.
  7. dino drosas

    Rocking Chair in progress

    A few days ago I finally got motivated and started the sculpting process on the rocking chair. Once I got into the process it went along very slow at first and then it seemed that all of a sudden it started comming togrther. I can finally see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. dtomasch

    Looking for basic rocking chair plans

    Good Morning......8-O I am searching for a set of plans to build a basic rocker. I have plans for an adirondak style, but am looking for something a bit more formal. I've never built one, but my best friend's wife is pregnant and I figure that gives me just enough time to build one for a new...
  9. woodguy1975

    First Scupltured Rocking Chair Class (Hickory, NC)

    Ok guys, I've been stealthly working with some of the guys on the schedule for the rocking chair course that I am going to offer. We have 3 definite students who are good to go and have room for a fourth. The current studen list is Steve D, Insomniac, and JohnsonMBrandon. The class will be 6...

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