1. Jerome B

    looking for portable sawmill in Wendell area

    I am looking for some one to come saw up some logs. I am working with the museum of history and we need to do some shots of logs being cut into boards. The trees that they want to use are just outside of Wendell. I don't know how big the logs are. I just know that we have access to a backhoe...
  2. C

    portable sawmill service ?

    I have a number of old beams from an old tobacco barn that I would like sawed up... some into boards for flooring & trim and some just squared up. Is there anyone who has a portable mill that would come do this in exchange for some wood? The beams are mostly hard pine with a few oak mixed in...
  3. A

    Portable Cyclone High Dust Alarm *w/pics*

    I just finished building and testing a portable/add-on version of my Cyclone High Dust Alarm. I made this version for two reasons- I used a friend's Oneida for testing and he didn't want any modifications to his cyclone, and I am submitting it to some of the WW mags. While my own home unit has...
  4. froglips

    Loose drive drum in portable belt sander fix?

    I'm back, with yet another question..... I'm attempting to rebiuld/restore/six-million $ man my old craftsman 3x21 portable belt sander. All parts are off, accept for the drive drum in the back end of the sander. As best as I can tell, its a gear press fit on a shaft that has the drum...
  5. WoodWrangler

    Portable Photo Studio .. cheap!

    While looking over the old "friendship pen" thread, I recalled the photo studio discussion. Just out of curiosity I searched and found a similar (same?) set for $37! Great for taking pictures of pens and stuff! http://www.electotronics.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=105344
  6. WoodWrangler

    Portable Bandsaw?

    Found this "interesting" portable bandsaw and just had to share .... Seems a bit risky to me with that much exposed blade! But you too can have one for $3,500~ http://www.timberwolftools.com/tools/protool/P-SBP285.html
  7. Paper Towel Center

    Paper Towel Center

    Go back in time to the mid 1950's. My older brother took a high school woodworking class; his class project was to build a buffet for my Mother. At some time over the last 50+ years, the buffet was demoted to a garage storage cabinet. It was mounted on the wall, upside down, and the doors were...
  8. owen299

    portable dust collector ?

    Does anyone know anything about a small portable dust collector at Sears? Its 3/4 hp and seems to be a fairly good deal for $169. It looks like it would work for spot work (planer, joiner & band saw) . Also does anyone have any info. on the Oneida "dust deputy" that attaches to a shop-vac and...
  9. taandctran

    any demand for a portable saw mill???

    As most of you have saw I posted about me being interested in purchasing a portable bandsaw mill.... I was wondering if there is any demand in my are for a come to your location band saw mill... or if anyone would be interested in bring their logs to my area when or if I do decide to get a saw...
  10. Front Panel Detail

    Front Panel Detail

    Front panel dado joinery.
  11. Paper Towel Center WOOD Magazine

    Paper Towel Center WOOD Magazine

    Solid Oak Paper Towel Center. The plan was derived from WOOD magazine's Portable Glue/Paper Towel Center - June/July 2004 Issue 156.
  12. Vanilla Gorilla

    Grizzly portable planer

    Does anyone have any experience with this planer? http://www.grizzly.com/products/G0505 I have been looking for an inexpensive, portable, but quality planer for a while, and for the price based on the reviews I have read this is sounding good. It looks a little cheap/cheesy to me, but then...
  13. A

    WT Find Portable Mill in Raleigh Area

    Hey all. I've got a 4' diameter oak that I need milled. If your interested in the work or know someone who maybe, please reply. The oak is 1/4 sawn and ready to go. Thanks, ~moosh

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