Portable Cyclone High Dust Alarm *w/pics*

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Alan in Little Washington

Alan Schaffter
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I just finished building and testing a portable/add-on version of my Cyclone High Dust Alarm. I made this version for two reasons- I used a friend's Oneida for testing and he didn't want any modifications to his cyclone, and I am submitting it to some of the WW mags. While my own home unit has been working flawlessly for a year now, it is less photogenic. :-D

I probably went a little overboard in the assembly packaging. I used Carlon Liquitite PVC flex conduit and fittings which make for a secure and durable assembly.

This unit is designed to be added to any cyclone. It installs easily, using straps or wire, on the clear flex hose that typically connects a cyclone to the dust bin. It is configured with a cord receptacle which receives power during a high dust situation so you can easily add one or more 110V indicators of your choice- light, strobe, siren , etc. or add your own additional circuitry that can turn off your DC system.

Parts (all from Lowes), from top center:

1. Type LL conduit body (17274)
2. Type LR conduit body (17277)
3. Candelabra light socket 1-7/32 outside thread (75225)
4. 18" of 1/2" Liquitite conduit (from a 6' kit (73209)
5. 1/2 PVC female adapter (2) (115912) (not shown- two 1 1/2" pieces of 1/2" solid PVC conduit used to attach #5 to #1/#2)
6. 1/2" cord connector (2) (108655)
7. Summit Lighting CP688 photoeye (70551)
8. Extension cord


Assembled unit:


Unit with stand-off mounting blocks (for 9" diam flex):


I temporarily mounted the unit on an Oneida cyclone for testing. A 15W candelabra bulb was needed to achieve sufficient illumination of the sensor.


I used a light bulb and socket as a temporary alarm indicator. Here it is indicating a high dust situation. If you missed any of the previous descriptions of the operation it is simple- The sensor is a replacement 110V dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor. When the photocell no longer receives enough light (dust blocks light from the light source) its circuitry energizes a 110V output.


SOLD. [strike] Since I don't need it, I am selling this unit for $50 to cover the cost of parts and shipping. Send me a PM if you are interested.[/strike]


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Very nice! Could be an interesting side business! I called my buddy in Florida (who I think might be a member here) to tell him about it ... so you MIGHT get a call from down south.
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