1. S

    Portable miter saw stand -$50 (Cary/Swift Creek)

    not mine: no name brand listed http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2324632246.html Portable miter saw stand - quit cutting on the ground - $50 (Cary/Swift Creek) Date: 2011-04-14, 11:15AM EDT Reply to: sale-psbnp-2324632246@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Portable miter...
  2. kooshball

    anyone using a portable a/c for their shop?

    I am considering getting an AC for my shop (2-car garage) but I live with an HOA and can't install a window unit and don't want the expense of a traditional system. Does anyone here have a portable a/c and are they satisfied with the performance? I know it will not be as efficient as other...
  3. Glennbear

    CPSC Ryobi Portable TS Recall

    The CPSC has announced the recall of certain Ryobi portable tablesaws because of possible blade alignment issues: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml11/11066.html
  4. jobelenus

    portable saw mill

    Looking to borrow/rent a portable saw mill on Tuesday morning 11/30 - Son in law downed a nice sized tree and has an 30" x 8 foot log waiting to be sliced - I can pick up and will pay for any resharpening if needed.... Thanks John O
  5. W

    portable sawmill needed

    Who has a mobile portable sawmill that can do some sawing in Mooresville.I obtained several large white oak logs and I cannot cut them up for firewood.One is 35" across .Tonite I was called about a 125 ' tall Red oak tree that is coming down and I can expect delivery this weekend.There is a lot...
  6. H

    Portable Sawmill near Hillsborough, NC

    I am having approximately 1 acre of land cleared and would like to keep some of the wood for myself. Does anyone know of a portable sawmill near Hillsborough, nc? I checked out the sawyer page but it looks like the nearest mill is in Sanford or New Hill. Do these guys tend to travel very far...
  7. F

    Portable table saw "recommendations"??

    New member here...I'm in the market for a portable table saw. I do some light woodworking/simple furniture building as a hobby, but i also share a single-car garage with a roommate. I'm mostly the garage user, but i must be mindful of our collective space...:) That being said. I need to be...
  8. Scott Kuykendall

    PORTABLE A/C unit in Garage

    I live in the Spartanburg SC area and was wondering if anyone uses a portable A/C unit the type on wheels that you run the exhaust hose through a window to cool your garage? I have a double car garage that is sheet rocked and insulated walls ( but not the ceiling it just sheet rocked ) with a...
  9. portable workbench

    portable workbench

    portable workbench
  10. BrianInChatham

    Portable sawmill in Chapel Hill area?

    Hi folks- I'm relatively new to woodworking (but am ambitious!) and also new to the area. Now that I live somewhere with trees (don't find too many where I lived in Phoenix!) I've been having these great ideas about having some of the oak on my land milled into lumber for all the household...
  11. C

    Portable planers

    I intend to purchase a small 12 1/2-13" planer this year. If anyone has info on whats available and recommendations for the best model I sure would appreciate any info. I just don't trust the manufactures blurbs any more. Thanks cemgem :rotflm:
  12. CarvedTones

    Portable DC or new vacuum?

    EDIT - I ended up going with a vacuum for now. Thanks for all the help in responses. Yeah, I know there are lots of old threads and I have read many of them, but newer products and current or upcoming deals will weigh into this... I don't do a lot of powered flat work; my tablesaw and power...
  13. JOAT


    Well, I ai'nt dead yet. That's a quote, if you question the spellilng. Been spending time with the guys that cut metal and decided that using an angle grinder to cut metal with, what with all the sparks and all, was too much of a PITA, so got myself a nifty HF portable bandsaw, and made a quicky...
  14. CarvedTones

    Venting portable A/C into crawlspace?

    I have a two car garage with an inside and an outside wall on the sides. My wife's car is parked on the outside wall side and most of my shop space is on the inside. I have tried to talk my wife into a "trade" but for various reasons (some of which I have to admit are practical) that isn't going...
  15. timf67

    Can you rent portable saw mills?

    While visiting my mom-in-law's cabin near banner elk this past weekend I noticed quite a few dead or dying trees that we should take down. Many of them appear to be maples (sugar), buckeyes, and a few black locust. I would love to harvest some of this lumber, but I have no easy way of...
  16. rick7938

    Portable Torsion Box

    I have a small workshop that will not allow me to have a nice assembly table. I want to build a lightweight torsion box that I can store in my storage room and set up on saw horses on the carport when I need to use it. I am thinking about building it from 1/2-inch MDF internal dividers and...
  17. woodworker2000

    HTC Portable Miter Saw Stand $49 Shipped

    HTC has their PM6000 miter saw stand on clearance for $49 shipped ($40 + $9 shipping). It is the same miter saw stand sold at Sears for $180 (+ tax). I received one from HTC and it had the "Craftsman Professional" stickers on it (it was grey instead of the orange shown on HTC's website). You...
  18. mburke911

    Dust Collector: Cyclone vs. Portable?

    Hello, If you had a choice, price not an issue. Would you choose between a 1.5 HP cyclone (grizzley G0443) Dc or a 1.5 HP portable DC (Delt 50-850 with pleated filter). Why? Is there really a huge diffeence in suction? Based on the published numbers it doesn't seem so. Thanks, Mark
  19. mike_wood

    Portable table saw

    I need to get a portable table saw for a project and would like advice from anyone with experience with these tools. It seems the Bosch (4000) and the Ridgid (2410) come out as the top two on most reviews. I have decided on the Ridged as I have to plug it in with extension cords and some...
  20. dino drosas

    portable saw mill

    Saw this on the Charleston, SC Craig's list and thought it might interest someone here. NOT MINE ! Horizontal Band Saw w/ Railway and Trailer(optional) - $2000 - (Johns Island) pic

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