1. Rick M

    Metal foundry near Raleigh that can reproduce vintage parts?

    I found a few foundries listed but has anyone used any of the locals for reproduction of vintage machine parts? The place I read about the most is Cattail Foundry in Pennsylvania, run by Amish. Sounds like you just mail them the part and they will make repros and bill you but if I could find...
  2. H

    Connections for metal duct work?

    OK so I have quickly figured out that with wall thickness differences, 6" metal duct work doesn't fit the plastic connectors. Are metal 45's and y's available for 6" ducts? Is that a specialty item or do the borgs carry such things? Forgive me that I have not looked there yet, but so often...
  3. Rhythm House Drums

    Metal DC pipe outside?

    I'm about ready to outfit my shop with duct work. My workshop is on a slop and raised off the ground from 2 feet down to about 6 inches. I'm thinking about going under the shop as opposed to up in the rafters both for DC efficiency and less duct material. I'm curious though if the metal duct...
  4. buildintechie

    Source for metal duct

    Hey all- Anybody have a suggestion for a source for metal duct for my dust collection system? I picked up a bunch of flex tubing from MarkE (thanks Mark!!) for making my final collections, but want to hard pipe my main branches. I've found the fittings I need at woodworker supply, but...
  5. B

    Insulating a metal roof?

    Need advice on the best type of insulation for a metal roof shop. Is there something between batted fiberglass home center insulation and the industrial building variety? Rafters are 2x6 topped by 1x4 perlins then sheeted metal roofing. With batted fiberglass I'm limited to R-19 which is 6...
  6. BKind2Anmls

    Metal Supplier between Columbia and Charlotte?

    A few years ago we bought some metal roofing/siding from a supplier who had great prices because they fabricated it themselves and sold it to retail merchants. I can't find any paperwork and I don't remember the name of the company. I believe it was between Charlotte and Columbia on the west...
  7. Dutchman

    Cross attachment to Metal Stud

    I am working on a cross to hang at our chuch, and am looking for some suggestions for attaching to the metal studs. I have decided to attach it to one stud, so I can machine the back of the cross for a fastner or series of fastners in the back. Below is a picture of the cross, and a small...
  8. jimwill48

    Metal Cutoff's/Scrap Wanted

    I in addition to woodworking also do metalworking with a small metal lathe and mill. Does anyone know anywhere around the Mooresville/Charlotte area any machine shops, etc. that may sell me small amounts of their cutoffs/scrap. I use 6061 aluminum, 1018, 12L14 steel, and cold rolled sheets steel...
  9. The Damage

    The Damage

    The Damaged saw blade
  10. The Culprit

    The Culprit

    The Culprit
  11. S

    Workbench with Metal Pegboard - $60 (North Raleigh I-540/Six Forks)

    not mine LARGE Hirsh Workbench with Metal Pegboard - $60 (North Raleigh I-540/Six Forks) Date: 2011-04-10, 12:32PM EDT Reply to: see below Hirsh workbench with huge metal pegboard for sale. Includes peg board attachments for hanging...
  12. S

    Metal shelf unit and storage bins - $100 (Morrisville)

    not mine Metal shelf unit and storage bins - $100 (Morrisville) Date: 2011-04-10, 7:39PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Metal shelving unit. 36" W x 75" H x 12" D with 13 adjustable...
  13. mshel

    Metal double door for entrance

    I am in need of a replacement for my shop and thought I would post here in case someone knows where I can pick up a used unit. My shop has double metal doors (both open out) which gives me a 6 foot opening. Due to water absorbtion the bottoms are rottening and I am afraid there is no repair I...
  14. Leviblue

    Porter Cable Power Shears - Metal Cutting

    I've lowered the price on the metal shears. These are brand new never used. If you know anyone that is interested, I would appreciate the assistance.
  15. D

    Metal or Stick

    I am looking into building a new shop on my property. What do you recommend as far as a metal building vs a traditional stick building? Any recommendation on size or type of building? I know bigger is better and I do have 5 acres but want to watch my budget as I still need to buy a good...
  16. merrill77

    Hit metal with the Sawstop

    The manual says that the blade brake won't trigger on small bits of embedded metal in wood, including staples. It passed my idiot test, as I was trimming down a panel sled from my old TS and hit an embedded steel screw (McFeelys, 1/2" #6, black oxide, to be precise). I didn't make it all the way...
  17. manfre

    Metal Corner Guards and Rain Diverters

    For my newly created shop, I need a rain diverter to go over the door because I cannot install gutters. I've also been trying to find an angled piece of weather proof metal (aluminum, diamon plate or stainless) to protect the edge of the plywood in the 5' door ways. The most likely thing to work...
  18. T

    Need use of a metal shear and brake.

    I have a piece of 22ga 24"x 24" sheet steel I need to cut to 21-1/2" x 15". I then need to notch the corners and bend a 1/4" edge on all 4 sides. Does anyone in the Raleigh area have the time and the tool to help me out. It will be a couple weeks before I am back in town. TIA
  19. scsmith42

    Best source in the RDU area for sheet metal?

    I need to buy some sheet metal (either 18 or 20 guage galvanized steel) to fabricate the discharge chute for the dust collector. My shear is good for 52", so I'd like to find some 48" wide flat sheet (or narrower). This is the same material that commercial HVAC metal ducts are fabricated from...
  20. NCTurner

    Metal polishing AKA honing compounds

    Found a bunch of task force metal buffing compounds on clearance at Lowe's Cary for $1.31 a stick.

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