1. Log to marking gauge

    Log to marking gauge

    A brief progression of a red oak log turned into a marking gauge. This is a more recent vintage of logs off trees in my yard than became this gauge. De-bark by hand, started sealing the ends after my first trip through Checking City, and let dry as a full log because I\'m too lazy to saw into...
  2. wmslayton

    Baseball Bat: How do I cut the Maple log and dry the bat blanks?

    Got a nice Maple log last weekend that I think can produce about six baseball bats? Questions: 1) Is one type of Maple better than another for baseball bats? 2) Is there a particular way I should “remove” the bats from the log? 3) How do I dry to prevent warping and twisting? Probably enough...
  3. B

    Heads-up lumber guys!

    Spotted this ad on Craigslist a few minutes ago, and anyone near Holly Springs with a little time and equipment can grab a nice tree at a bargain. Ad says Red Oak, but it doesn't look oaky to me! You be the judge....too far for me to go to get it. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/for/3510477803.html
  4. Nelson

    Cedar Log free to a good home

    Cut today. 16" to 18" in diameter at base. 56" circumference. 40' in length to where the top was lost in an ice storm. It is still probably 6 to 8" in diameter at the top. Nice & straight. There is some rot in the center at the base (see picture), but I haven't cut on up to see where...
  5. DSCF4903


  6. DSCF4902


  7. Mike Davis

    Electric log splitter

    Does anyone here have an electric log splitter? I'm beginning to think I'm not made of steel and could use some help with the firewood. Maybe if we had an easy way to split wood the wife and kids would help... So, what is a good brand? do they hold up well? Split tough wood easily? What is...
  8. Crrunion

    Can't Log In

    I'm brand new to the site; joined yesterday, so I've got what are probably newbie questions that I need help with. There are actually two major problems and I'm going to post them in separate threads so that we can work on one at the time. This thread has to do with a problem of logging in. When...
  9. J

    Tired of havingto log in

    Sunday night we experienced a power loss while logged in. Had to get a new pass word, and log in. Since then, every time I come to site, I have to log in manually. Sawmill Creek (also run by V-bulletin) required me to relog in, but only ONCE! Plus log ins using both capitals and lower case...
  10. Kyle

    Slabbing a Red Maple Burl Log

    Here is a Red Maple Burl Log I slabbed out last week.. pretty nice material. Widest point was 36", 91 long and had burl, curl and birdseye to the pith. and the actual slabbing..
  11. scsmith42

    Going to look at a monster oak log tomorrow.

    I received an e-mail today from a local homeowner that may have to remove an incredibly large red oak tree. It is 88" in diameter at 5' above grade, and they sent photos to prove it! At 7-1/2' in diameter, it's the largest red oak that I've seen in these parts (almost 24' in circumference)...
  12. H

    Walnut log

    This log is 19" in diameter, 90" long, and 31" across the arms. It is in perfect condition and should have spectacular grain patterns across the crotch. Scribner calulator estimates 110 board feet of useable lumber although the real value of the log is the grain patterns the crotch will produce...
  13. CLetts

    Sealing Log Ends

    If I want to seal the ends of a log, do I need to buy the wax or will latex paint work?:dontknow:
  14. steviegwood

    Has anyone made any log furniture?

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if any of you has ever made any of the log furniture like I have seen in Cabela's catalogs? My brother bought a set of the cutters and forstner bits and wants to make some bed frames sometime in the near future and I was wanting to make a coffee table and some end...
  15. blbradford

    Walnut log

    WOW- I wish I had a way to mill this up it looks like it would be a wonderful grain pattern. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/mat/2170326435.html Bruce
  16. sawduster

    Log in time out

    Being a slow typer I am used to having to log back in if I create a post of any substantial length due to the log in time out. However, this morning after typing my ( long ) post I went to add pics and got a message that said i had no gallery available as an " unregistered user ". In the past I...
  17. ashley_phil

    Lost a shop buddy; now need 12" dryish log

    we had to put our mastiff, Rufus, down yesterday. his big ole heart finally gave out. he'd struggled with seizures the last 8 months and it was time. it doesn't make it any easier, but it was the right thing to do without a doubt. i'd like to turn him an urn. i think i can just round and...
  18. scsmith42

    Touchwood can't log on

    Don Patterson (Touchwood) sent me an e-mail earlier today indicating that he could not log onto NCWW. Pasted below is his message - can someone please look into this and follow up directly with Don? His e-mail address is: tuchwud@bellsouth.net Thx. Scott *********************** Hey...
  19. S

    8 hours from log to gift - Bottle Stopper Rack

    Ok... a pretty simple project, but I wanted to post it in case it gives anyone else an idea. (I really need a better camera). Last week, an employee asked if I might be able to make a rack to display her Santa Claus bottle stopper collection. It took about 8 hours on Saturday, which included...
  20. timf67

    Review of Carter Accuright Log Mill

    As a fledgling turner, I am always collecting promising looking logs when I see them on the side of the road. My problem is turning them into blanks. I dislike ripping logs with a chainsaw, so I decided to give the Carter Accuright Log Mill a try. So far I love it! It holds the log firm even...

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