1. walnutjerry

    Change comes with time

    I have found that nothing stays the same forever even includes light fixtures. I have 8' fluorescent 2 tube fixtures and have issues with 2 of them. One will not light up at all even after putting new tubes in. The other will only light up only one tube. I decided I would just replace the...
  2. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Left View
  3. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Middle View
  4. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Right View
  5. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    This was a learning piece for me. Given my limited selection of tools, I had to settle for using paint grade trim from Lowe's to dress it up. After a lot of sanding and conditioning it accepted the stain pretty well. You cannot tell from the pictures, but there are LED lights under the...
  6. Martin Roper

    8 ft shop lights (27028)

    8 foot shop lights 8 ft shop lights (27028) Date: 2011-03-01, 10:16AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 6 lights for sale. all were working when replaced a few months ago. they are 277v. asking 75 for all, or 20 each. no bulbs included
  7. ScottM

    Lights from Phil S

    I want you all to know I met Phil S last weekend and picked up some of those lights for the new shop. They are great. Easy to change a install. You folks better jump while you can. They would cost you way over $100.00 each to buy new. For the records I went to a local electrical supply...
  8. Flute Maker

    Covers for Fluorescent Lights ( Ever Made Anything )?)

    Has anyone ever made or bought covers for their shop fluorescent lights ? Our Lowes only has those slip over clear covers...Can something simple be made? Would even tie wraps be safe loosely around on them ? I just want something to catch them should they come a loose and then there's the...
  9. BKind2Anmls

    Shop Lights

    I found a good deal (I think) on fluorescent lights for my shop. They are four-tube, 4-foot long, the kind used in suspended ceilings in an office. The seller doesn't know if they are T12 or T8. Will I need to install four light tubes in each fixture? I think two would give me enough light for...
  10. Phil S

    FREE lights and steel studs

    For the big boys I still have about 15 more 400 w metal-halide 277 volt three phase light fixtures and I have about 15 heavy gauge steel studs The studs are 20 gauge thick, 6" wide and 33' tall. You can cut them onsite for transport. They all must go to the dump next week so let me know...
  11. Phil S

    Free cabinets and lights

    Plastic laminate base and upper cab set. Currently installed in a RTP warehouse. Ready for pickup after Tuesday. View image in gallery For the BIG shops with 3 phase. 400 watt metal-halide fixtures that require 277 volts. I have approx. 30 of these that will be ready for pickup in RTP...
  12. Gotcha6

    Shop Ceiling & Lights, DC

    Took off some time from work after 80+ hour weeks to - relax? No - I had a shot at putting a ceiling in my shop. And while I would have liked to have been @ the beach, I decided I would much rather enjoy the comfort of having a ceiling in my shop to make it warmer. Had some 2 x 4 lay in...
  13. ceiling & lights

    ceiling & lights

    shop ceiling receptacle
  14. ceiling & lights

    ceiling & lights

    shop ceiling pics
  15. S

    2' x 4' florescent lights - $20 (sanford-pittsboro)

    Not mine! Great for shop build out/lighting! 2' x 4' florescent lights - $20 (sanford-pittsboro) Date: 2010-01-17, 9:13PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 919-770-7425These lights are in...
  16. P

    Outdoor work lights

    Now that it's starting to get dark earlier, I am missing working outside. I especially like to sand outside. I was wondering if anyone ever used those outdoor worklights. Northern Tool has some for pretty cheap. Are they any good, or too many shadows and not worth the trouble?
  17. J

    And the Lights Came On

    About a month ago, I posted about finally getting my AC unit installed. Rather than climb up to it, I put it on one of those light remotes. I use the remote to control unit, cutting off breaker at the end of the day. Well, today, I noticed the little lights that my wife has in some bushes were...
  18. woodnick

    New Tread on T8 lights

    I just spent the last hour on the Web researching T8 ballast my guess is the FCC 47 cfr part 18 compliance, so who is the electronic's expert that can explain this. Is the shop a commercial environment?
  19. S

    Safety Reminder: Lights

    Just a reminder about shop lighting this time of year when weather conditions can cause sudden power failures. You should always have one of the following in your shop at all times: 1) chargeable emergency light that comes on during a power failure 2) a flashlight on your person This is...
  20. The WoodButcher

    Running Lights

    :D Hi All, I do the sawmill thing, part-time and that part of the time is at night alot of the time. So I mounted me some running lights that work great. They do make it nice when I need to measure for a special cuts. 8)

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