1. J

    Klingspor's, who is going?

    With Klingspor's Extravaganza less than three weeks away, who is going, and which day?
  2. ScottM

    Volunteers needed for Klingspor Extravaganza

    This will be the 10th annual Klingspor Extravaganza in Hickory, NC. As in the past NCWW will have our normal booth so we can introduce NCWW benefits to others. To make this year even more special to Klingspor and NCWW we have arranged for our own Greg Paolini to attend on Saturday October 30...
  3. ScottM

    Klingspor show

    I have to lock in with Greg what we want him to do and with Coleman on our demo schedule so suggestions are welcome. For NCWW demos I am thinking: - Scroll saw (easy to do and we have some good folks who normally attend). I can bring my saw again - Turning (how about we turn some weed pots...
  4. froglips

    [Video Update!]Klingspor Showcase 2010, the pics!

    As promised, uploaded a few pics from the show! More to come and lots of videos too! So many great pieces in the Show. Many just made your head spin. Demos were a blast! Hand planes, Worksharps, turnings and steamings. Looking forward to next year already! Here are just a few of...
  5. Bas

    Steambending at the Klingspor Woodworking Showcase event

    The Woodworking Showcase event at Klingspor yesterday was terrific. Demonstrations, beautiful woodworking and a chance to catch up with some old friends. Phil "Mad Scientist" S. brought some intriguing equipment to do steam bending. For thin stock, you can do your bending using a pipe heated...
  6. froglips

    Klingspor Show - Steam Bending help!!!

    To help Phil with his steam bending magic, have a few items we could use. 1. Safety Glasses 2. Leather Gloves 3. Some straight walking stick blanks that we can bend, about 1" dia and just partially dry would be perfect. I'm heading to the show shortly, so no need to reply to me. Contact...
  7. ScottM

    Klingspor Raleigh Showcase Report

    Attended a second working session on the Klingspor WW Show Case. - Paul from Klingspor was not present due to some family situation. - The TWA brain trust expressed very strong doubts that TWA would be involved again in 2011. They felt the local Klingspor store was not serious about the...
  8. ScottM

    Klingspor Meeting Report

    Met last night with Paul (Klingspor Raleigh) and some of the TWA leadership. The purpose was to plan a North Carolina Wood Working Show Case show at that Raleigh store. The meeting actually covered topics. Let me try to net this out. - The show case will be on Saturday September 11th. Check in...
  9. ScottM

    Meeting with Klingspor

    I have a meeting with Paul and the TWA brain trust (no comments) on Tues the 15th at 5:00 PM to plan the Raleigh Klingspor show and exhibit. Any of the current or incoming BoD members are welcome to attend with me. The Raleigh event will be Saturday September 11th. I will also be working...
  10. zapdafish

    Bandsaw deal I saw at Klingspor's, Raleigh loc

    Was in Klingspor's in Raleigh today and saw a flyer of someone selling off their tools on the counter. Had a MinMax 18" bandsaw for $900 if I recall. I'm sure there were other good deals but that was the one that caught my eye.
  11. PChristy

    Two thumbs up for Klingspor

    Went to WS Klingspor this morning to pick up a few small items and took my post card that they sent out to announce their sale - I took it back in and they gave me the sand paper kit they said we would get:eusa_danc:icon_thum Alot of good stuff - anyways thanks Klingspor - Another reason I am...
  12. M

    Klingspor's Customer Appreciation Week

    View image in gallery Our friends at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop are giving back to their customers this week -- March 13-21. Here is a chance to take advantage of nearly everything in their stores (with a few exceptions like Festool, Fein and Sawstop). I got wind of this in an exchange of...
  13. Klingspor Mid-March Sale

    Klingspor Mid-March Sale

    Customer Appreciation Sale
  14. Douglas Robinson

    Raffle items from Klingspor

    Coleman sent me an email with the following potential items for our raffle: Item #Description Sale Price Reg. Price FR06080FREUD 8" DIAL-A-DADO (SD608)+ our cost:$ 199.00 regular cost: $ 269.99 97-108FREUD 3 PC CABINET DOOR SET W/ BACKCUTTER our cost: $ 120.00 regular cost:$ 159.99...
  15. S

    Klingspor Sale Gloatage, anyone?

    Anyone take advantage of the Klingspor's Sale this Weekend? If so, what did you all get? I just need to know! Did not get to go!:gar-Cr Matt:gar-Bi
  16. PChristy

    Scroll Saw club @ Klingspor WS

    I was at the KlingSpor today in Winston to pick up a few items(very few) CA a pen kit that I want to make for a friend that is coming home from Iraq in a few weeks:eusa_clap Anyway while I was there a gentleman was doing some scrolling and I stopped and watched him - He asked mr if I had ever...
  17. woodworkingshop.com

    Klingspor Super Sale 2010!

    Hello everyone! Wanted to make you aware of our Super Sale that started today and runs through Sunday, Feb. 7th! Come see us! :eusa_danc:eusa_danc View image in gallery View image in gallery
  18. PChristy

    Klingspor Sander ROS

  19. Mark Stewart

    Klingspor discount

    Does anyone know if you can use discount in an online order. Thanks Mark
  20. ScottM

    Klingspor Sale

    I saw Coleman last night at the TWA meeting in Raleigh. He told us that Klingspor will be having a 15% off sale on Jet and Powermatic 11/27- 11/30. Sounds like a good deal for those in the market for new tools. Last year when they ran the deal I pivked up a Jet spindle sander.

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