1. MarkE

    Bessey K-body closeout @ Peachtree

    Peachtree is closing out the Classic wood handled K-Body clamps Only 12" and 31" are available. http://www.ptreeusa.com/edirect_091611.htm
  2. welldigger

    K-Body Revo Clamps

    Has anyone found a good way to keep the black clamp covers on the Revo clamps? Everytime I reach for one at least one of them falls off!:dontknow: ...And don't get me started about "Painter's Pyramids" slipping and/or falling over!:kamahlitu
  3. cpw

    Q about K-Body Clamps

    Has anyone ever seen red K-Body style parallel clamps that were NOT Bessey?
  4. M

    40" Bessey K-Body Clamp Deal * UPDATE w/ Pics

    I just purchased two Bessey 40" K-Body clamps for less than $31 each :tool:on Amazon.com. I saw the announcement on SMC and jumped on it in time to get the last one in stock.:5sigh: You can order them at this price, but you'll need to wait a few weeks. In case you weren't aware of it...
  5. M

    Bessey 24" K-Body for $22.93

    Guess what -- they are on sale again! Here's a link to the latest deal on this excellent clamp! It just dropped over $8 on Amazon.com
  6. Canuck

    Bessey 40* KBody - $27.00

    The sun is up!!!:lol: Amazon.com: Bessey K3.540 K-Body 40-Inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp: Tools & Hardware Wayne
  7. WoodWrangler

    Good Price on Bessey 60in K-Body Clamps on Amazon!

    Bessey K3.560 K-Body 60-Inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp List Price: $72.75 Price: $34.00 FREE SHIPPING The normal price for these is usually around $48 Amazon.com: Bessey K3.560 K-Body 60-Inch Parallel Jaw...
  8. S

    40" Bessey K-Body $20.96 at Amazon

  9. mshel

    bessy kbody clamp sale

    I have read a posting on the other forum about the October 1st ginormas sale that is supposed to take place on the bessy kbody clamps. Based on heresay, it is supposed to be something like 40% off. If you are in the market for some of these clamps, you might want to keep an ear to the ground...

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