1. S

    Holly tree trunk in Chapel Hill, NC

    I don't know where to post the following: My father, a woodworker, 30 years ago (before his death 20 years ago) just after we moved in, suggested to me, a daughter who was still doing some cabinetry and carpentry, at that time, that this holly tree in our front yard should be used for marquetry...
  2. D

    Holly Burl bottle opener with turquoise

    I decided to turn a piece of Holly burl that was given to me, and found that internally, there was some gaps and worm holes. No problem! The big 'turquoise smile' went in about a 1/2", so it would have been scrapped if I did not have some nice filler. Total length is 7". The resolution...
  3. Submarine / Dolphin Insignia Intarsia

    Submarine / Dolphin Insignia Intarsia

    Here is the second Intarsia project I did – and was made for my brother inlaw. I made the pattern in October of last year, started cutting on it in November, and completed it in December. It was constructed of Ambrosia Maple, Holly for the wave crest, Ebony for the eyes, and Yellow Heart for...
  4. D

    "Holly-wood" gloat

    Everytime I talked about cutting down this holly tree, my wife would break into a chorus rif of "Hollywood.... ta ta ta ta ta ta ta, Hollywood....!" :banana: Anyway, my neighbor and I took it down yesterday. It was sitting smack-dab on our two property lines, so we each get half the tree...
  5. zapdafish

    Need an extra pair of hands in Holly Springs

    My Bandsaw came in today :icon_cheers and I managed to mount the motor and get it off the pallet. The thing is sitting on another set of wood blocks with 4 bolts holding it in place. I think I can tip the bandsaw onto its back to get the blocks off but would like some one to spot or help me get...
  6. Tiger Maple Hollowform with Holly Pedestal (WIP)

    Tiger Maple Hollowform with Holly Pedestal (WIP)

  7. Composite Bowl Bottom

    Composite Bowl Bottom

  8. Composite Bowl

    Composite Bowl

  9. zapdafish

    trying to line up stand-by help in Holly Springs

    Grizzly finally got the jointer planer combo I've been wanting in stock and now its on its way. :eusa_danc http://www.grizzly.com/products/12-Planer-Jointer-with-Spiral-Polar-Bear-Series-/G0634XP I ordered lift gate service but they made it real clear that it may just end up being dropped...
  10. D

    PE req - Holly Springs, Apex, Glenwood area or Raleigh to Greensboro

    Hi all, I have a PE request for a small item (RA1165 pictured below). Pick up is from Luckbox72 (Eric), and can be from either Holly Springs, Apex, Glenwood area, or Raleigh; and drop-off is the Greensboro area (right off I-40). I'm not in a hurry for it, so any time in the next few weeks will...
  11. Jerome B

    what to do with Holly

    A friend of mine is cutting down some Holy trees and asked I as interested in them. I know that 2 of them are dead already, but there are at least 2 more that are alive. The trunks are about 12" in diameter. Does it make sense to go after these things and if I do is there an ideal way to saw...
  12. M

    the holly grail of exterior wood finish

    In the search for the holly grail of natural looking exterior wood finish. First, many will tell you that selecting ‘exterior’ wood and applying no finish at all is the way to go, it is the easiest way to go for sure. I’ve tried it with and without a finish; I enjoy the look, smell, and feel...
  13. manfre

    GRIZZLY WOOD LATHE - $100 (holly springs)

    GRIZZLY WOOD LATHE - $100 (holly springs) Date: 2011-04-01, 8:23AM EDT Reply to: sale-ejjm6-2298753984@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] In excellent condition, used only a handful of times. See link for info. email questions, cash only...
  14. S

    Grizzly G1030YB Dust Collector - $150 (Holly Springs, NC)

    Not Mine http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2248759743.html Grizzly G1030YB Dust Collector - $150 (Holly Springs, NC) Date: 2011-03-05, 1:09PM EST Reply to: sale-dcmcj-2248759743@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] This Dust Collector has never been used. You could say its just...
  15. S

    52" Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Fence System - $125 (Holly Springs)

    Not mine http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2222968195.html 52" Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Fence System - $125 (Holly Springs) Date: 2011-02-19, 11:06AM EST Reply to: sale-wq7ae-2222968195@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] 52" Biesemeyer T-Square Table Saw Fence System...
  16. A

    Newbie from Holly Springs, NC

    Hi All: I'm new to the forum, but not to woodworking. As suggested in the instructions for new members, I've created a profile and posted a couple pics of my projects and shop. I'm a serious hobbyist, and plan to spend more time with WW now that I'm phasing into retirement (and closing out...
  17. M

    Holly Lumber

    Hello all, I have to ask, what is the going price of Holly Lumber in the Carolinas? I live in Pittsburgh PA and have a place in Myrtle Beach and of course I'm always driving between the two during the year and thought about the Holly Lumber because recently I had to acquire some and it's out...
  18. N

    Spalted Holly "Hollow Form"???

    Had some issues with my chuck running out but finally got the lathe turning round again so tried out my new Sorby Medium Hollower on this piece of spalted Holly. It is uniformly 1/8' except for the base that I left a little thicker for weight. I also used my new Trend Airshield Pro. Sure is...
  19. Spalted Holly HF

    Spalted Holly HF

  20. Leviblue

    New to forum from Holly Springs, NC

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year and received a lot of new shop toys.:banana:

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