1. B

    Fred Flintstone Mallet

    This summer, after weeks of spending every free minute cutting up these two big oaks that fell in the woods behind my house, I realized that I wasn't using any of the wood for anything useful. So I cut a couple of pieces for a project I had in the back of my mind and set them aside to dry. A...
  2. sawduster

    Thanx Fred ( furniture gloat )

    most of you have seen pics of this already but right before Christmas it found it's home :mrgreen: The Shoppe Widow had been complaining for some time that her dresser was too small. Now old habits die hard so I had been perusing various furniture stores and what-not looking for a good deal on...
  3. Mike Davis

    Man that FredP can work!

    Since we are running behind on getting the new house ready i got Fred to come hang some doors. I thought he had a couple days work with all new doors upstairs and a couple doors in the basement. He called at 2:00 wanting to know what else he could do. :rotflm: I bet they are all PERFECT...
  4. CrealBilly

    Hey Fred

    Eat your Wheaties and see you in about an hour :)
  5. PChristy

    Hey Fred!!!!!!!

    This is what I got out of that Poplar I got yesterday - Two different shots Thin CA/BLO finish View image in gallery View image in gallery
  6. CrealBilly

    I could call and ask Fred...

    But I figured I'd ask here so you guys can poke fun at me. I'm not sure what the joint is called but I cut it with a dado stack on the tablesaw, so I guess it's call a dado :dontknow:. Anyways when joining a case side to a bottom you cut wide groove in the side of the case it's the same width...
  7. Tar Heel

    Fred's Sweetgum

    A few months ago, FrepP had a sweetgum felled and offered it to anyone who wanted some. ScottM got some for him and also some for me (thanks Scott). I roughed turned a couple of bowls in early March and did the finish turning a few days ago on one of them. I put 1 coat of BLO on this one and...
  8. sawduster

    Turning time at Fred's

    Took it up a notch and with Fred's guidance and supervision, tried a couple of these weed pots Tracy is so fond of :gar-La; Fred roughed the shape of this one but I finished it this one was primarily my design and execution with some kewl ideas, advice and tweaking from Fred Actually I...
  9. J

    Hey Fred

  10. botebum

    Blame Fred P

    Hi all! I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to join when I saw Fred P's thread about the box he made for "the old bat". I knew then that this was the place for me. Some other forums seem to check their sense of humor at the door. Nice to find a place where people with similar...

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