Fred Flintstone Mallet

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This summer, after weeks of spending every free minute cutting up these two big oaks that fell in the woods behind my house, I realized that I wasn't using any of the wood for anything useful. So I cut a couple of pieces for a project I had in the back of my mind and set them aside to dry.

A couple of weeks ago I pulled them out and spent a little time with the band saw and belt sander. You know how sometimes you just need to have a little "sawdust therapy"? That's all I was looking for.

In the true sense of "form follows function" I ended up with something I needed, but it ain't pretty.

I'm not sure I should post this in the "Woodworking" forum because, other than it being made out of wood, it doesn't qualify. But here is my new "Fred Flintstone Mallet".


I've used it, and it works fine. Not all woodworking has to be fine woodworking.

Sorry, I'm not taking orders.


Mark Stewart

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That depends as long as it fits your needs and works as intended then I say it is infact fine woodworking Ive seen a lot of "pretty"things that dont work worth a hoot.

Thanks Mark


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Looks like a proper mallet to me, Brian.:icon_thum
Great job. You may have just inspired me to make the one that's been on my "short" list for a while.
Probably the best therapy anyone could hope for.


Dave Peterson

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EVERY shop should have several of these. I have made a few on the lathe. One, I turned the handle, but just took a dry piece of Eastern Juniper that is a short length of a branch (about 4" in diameter) and drilled a hole in it, and stuck the handle in. Another one, I glued up some short 4/4 dogwood scraps and then turned the head. Fun and therapeutic too!

Dave Petersdon


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Well you have inspired me to make one for my shop. Ive never tried making one.
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