1. CrealBilly

    I finally found one

    I'm here in southern IL, yesterday I was walking along a creek bed at my sons and there it was, fallen over from the flood this spring, a big old box elder :) I grabbed my chainsaw and waded down into the creek to cut it loose from the rood ball. It has some really awesome streaks of red showing...
  2. D

    I just found NC WW !!

    Hello all! I just found this group while doing a search for Klingspor Woods in Raleigh. A work acquaintance told me about it, which led to here. I have always enjoyed woodworking, but usually had to do it on a shoestring (and tools to match). I finally got my opportunity to get a shop, and...
  3. Mark Gottesman

    Found: Apex to Winston-Salem or G'boro

    eyekode in apex had a used BS blade I want for a project. If anyone could pick it up and get it towards Winston-Salem, I would appreciate it. Can meet out on 40 as far west as Greensboro. thanks M
  4. AmishWarlord

    Found a nice clock project I'd like to do.

    This is my kind of clock!
  5. F

    Has anyone ever actually found a mahogany pallet?

    I'm curious...i know they exist but i don't think i have ever seen one. :icon_scra
  6. bobby g

    I've been lost! - but now I'm found,

    not listed with today's birthdays - OK now. My bad.
  7. woodArtz

    Found a nail today...

    I used my table saw with a nice Freud Fusion blade to find a 16d nail in a big slab of oak. Very effective at finding nails... arggghhhhhhh! :BangHead: I am now the proud owner of a metal detector and a new blade. Nothing like closing the barn door after the cows are out... :no: Big Nail...
  8. steviegwood

    I Found a Deal On Stains.

    Hi Folks, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Our local Ace hardware store is putting up some new displays and decided to sell off a lot of their stock of stains/stain finishes. I saw the two display shelves that they were putting the stock on at reduced prices and happened to...
  9. D

    I found a new hobby...

    Greetings fellow woodworkers. My name is Daniel Clements, my wife and I just bought a house in Willow Springs, NC and now I have a garage/workshop. Due to the fact that I am a stay-at-home dad and full-time student, I decided I needed to finally start that woodworking hobby I've always wanted...
  10. K

    table saw found

    I found a Delta Platinum model 36-472 for sale. What would be a good deal or reasonable. It has a 50" unifence
  11. sawduster

    Found in some firewood

    Got some old slab wood from Jack ( saw4you ) for the pig pickin fire . Gotta sort it before ya burn it ya know :gar-Bi Well low and behold while band sawing some down for kindling i stumbled om some ambrosia View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image...
  12. Wolfpacker

    Mystery pipe found....updated...mystery solved

    While digging a trench for a pvc drain pipe today, I discovered a 4" solid corrugated pipe next to the trench I was digging. The pipe ran along the chimney at about 6" below ground and went deeper on each end of the chimney. The pipe was laying on the ledge of the chimney foundation and it...
  13. Mike Davis

    Found a gem in the wild

    Stanley No4 Seems to be either a late Type 16 or early 17 wartime. Still some yellow paint in there I had never seen the red painted body until a month ago. Jim Mauldin brought me a low angle block plane that had some red paint under the rust. I thought someone had painted it...
  14. froglips

    Virus found on site, how you can help.

    Evil! Its out there! We have found something unwelcome (much like a tick or powder post beetles) that we have promptly exterminated. Life on the information stuperhighway is always going to be a tug of war between two elephants eating cheesecake. I wanted to just take this opportunity...
  15. SubGuy

    Found a Lathe (in FL) Good $$? :dontknow:
  16. froglips

    Found an Axe, worth the cash?

    In an undisclosed location, I found what I suspect to be a good broad hewing hatchet? Its a right hand (flat face on left), about 12" edge. No serious pitting. Can't find evidence of abuse or cracking. Lastly, if I rap the edge, it rings quite nice. I have learned about the dull...
  17. Mark Stewart

    Cleaned out the basement found Scrollsaw

    Well last week I cleaned out my daughters room (my shop) and found scroll saw. I wonder if it still works I thought. Here is what I did with my time off work. Thanks for looking Thanks Mark
  18. ScottM

    Found Dewalt DW 788 Scrollsaw - in VA

    Price can be a little better, only 20% off of new, but it looks clean. Might be worth making a offer. These are great machines. Worth every penny.
  19. flatheadfisher

    Found a Local Source for Wood

    I needed a piece of 8/4 walnut today for some cutting boards. I didn't want to make the long drive to Wall's for one piece of walnut. I went to Klingspore's and they didn't have any 8/4 walnut. I did pick up some sandpaper I needed. I drive down highway 67 every day. I remembered seeing a...
  20. b4man

    Truefire selling item in Found for Sale

    I sent Truefire a PM requesting he move his post to classified and explained why he can't use the Found for Sale forum. Now what? Do I close the thread? Do I transer it for him? This is my first encounter so I need a little help. Thanks, Barbara

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