1. Faces in the woods

    Faces in the woods

    Pattern by Rick, cut by cskipper. There are three horses and a face "hidden" in the trees. Cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood, measures 11 x 8.5.
  2. sapwood

    Faces of NCWW gallery

    Since we have a lot of new members I was going to rev up another "Post your Pix" in Faces of NCWW Gallery thread :widea: A quick check reveals that Faces of NCWWer is filled with pixs of everything under the sun: projects, people, wood, etc :wsad: Any suggestions on how to clean it up? And...
  3. MikeH

    Faces of North Carolina Woodworkers

    We have a gallery that has not been updated in a while. I know we have a lot of new members and some may or may not know of this gallery. It's called "Faces of North Carolina Woodworkers" Please visit this gallery and post a picture of yourself. Please also remember to put your screename in...
  4. cskipper

    Faces of NCWW

    Do you think it's time to nudge folks to add their mug shots? There are 80 pictures in there. Surely we have more active folks than that - or at least different folks than those?
  5. MikeH

    Faces of NCWW (What do you look like?)

    I am starting this thread for members to post a face picture and your name. Skysharks mentioned in another thread: Please post a face pic or link to an existing pic so we can all put a name with a face. Teri and Mike (hpm67)
  6. cskipper

    Faces of NC Woodworker.net

    Please add you pictures to the Faces of NC Woodworker,net public album. We were trying to be sure we had a name correct from Saturday and looked there - but that person wasn't in the album. It's good PR, plus it helps when we know we are going to meet whn meeting members for the first time...
  7. SteveColes

    Faces of ncwoodworker.net

    We have over 300 members now, but only 4 pictures in the Faces of ncwoodworker album, And 2 of those are me and DaveO. This is going to embarrass me. Sometime tonight or tomorrow, Mark Gunter's Gallery website which is probably best known for its Faces of Woodnet Gallery which has 200...
  8. DaveO

    Faces of ncwoodworker

    Well, we seem to be getting more members everyday and more contributions too. That is great!! Now I am going to throw out another request, beside showing your shops, projects and knowledge...how about showing you. I was in Woodcraft today and I saw several people, and I thought to myself, "self...

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