1. C

    Young Buck looking for Hand Tool advice

    Hello all, Just recently joined NCWW. I do plenty of carpentry work in my off time when I can, but I want to get into the finer areas of woodworking. I figured the best place to ask questions would be the place with largest amount of woodworking knowledge available to me. So here I am haha...
  2. W

    New Desk - Lots of pictures! Spalted red oak!

    Warning, I am relatively new to the hobby, so dont look too close at the craftsmanship or you may see all my mistakes ;) A few months back I was in Missouri visiting some family, and in my down time keeping an eye on craigslist for good deals in the area. Sure enough, there seemed to be a great...
  3. S

    New girl here, Tryon area

    Hi, everyone! I just want to give a quick intro. I'm excited to be here and eager to learn as much as I can about the never-ending possibilities and world of woodworking. I'm a self-taught beginner with the very basics in knowledge as well as tools (circular saw, power sander, jigsaw, miter...
  4. KenOfCary

    Another Beginner Carving Class in RTP area?

    The folks that took the recent beginning carving class that Stave taught seemed very pleased with the experience. I'm sorry that I missed out. I've been conversing with Stave in PM about holding another beginning carving class in the RTP area. Is anyone else, besides myself interested. We'd...
  5. My 2nd attempt of making a bandsaw box.

    My 2nd attempt of making a bandsaw box.

    Here it is from the front.
  6. My 2nd attempt of making a bandsaw box.

    My 2nd attempt of making a bandsaw box.

    Here it is with the drawer open
  7. My 2nd attempt of making a bandsaw box.

    My 2nd attempt of making a bandsaw box.

    Yes I say 2nd attempt. I originally broke my blade. So this is the finished product of my 1st attempt. Good side view of it.
  8. Bugle

    Beginner Lathe Recommendation?

    I've attempted just about everything with wood except turning. Now it's time. I would love to hear your recommendations for a "beginner's" lathe. I don't want to buy a lathe just because it is cheap, but I don't want to spend a fortune either. As we all know, having the correct tool for the...
  9. D

    Beginner in Durham

    Hi, I just stumbled across this site last night looking for some workshops or woodworking schools in my area. Within the last year, I've decided I want to try my hand at woodworking. I have a part-time photography business and wanted to start making my own frames - but when I started playing...
  10. reprosser

    Beginner with segmenting

    My wife is interested in segmenting (I don't have the patience for it...). She can cut and glue up the pieces, and I will turn it for her. Wondering what kind of specialty tools are needed.:icon_scra I understand a table saw with sled - or miter saw will be needed for cutting the segment...
  11. reprosser

    Another beginner

    Hi all, I was born and raised in the midlands of SC, moved to Atlanta for 8 long years, but have recently moved back to SC. I have my electrical engineering degree from USC, and work as a project manager in a manufacturing plant. My hobbies include photography, ham radio, bagpipes, singing, and...
  12. rick7938

    Wood Source for Beginner

    I am a relative beginner to the woodworking field. My neighbor had been helping me get started and had provided some nice wood from his stock, but he has gotten out of woodworking because of his health and his wood stock is gone. I am looking for a wood resource in the Fayetteville/Raleigh...
  13. MikeH

    Beginner Gouges

    I am possibly buying the lathe I found on Craigslist and need to find a decent (but not too expensive) set of gouges. The lathe will come with a set of chisels but, I also need a few gouges. Suggestions are welcome...
  14. woodbutcher

    Help for the beginner

    For the many of you that are like me, still in the novice class. Budget may be a big factor when buying power tools. Like everyone I want something decent, but I don't have big bucks. I have this saw. It is working well for me and I hope this review will help some of you...

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