1. R

    Table saw blade warping

    I’ve had an ongoing issue with my hybrid Grizzly table saw for a while now and despite my best efforts I can’t figure out how to fix it. . When I install the blade the it warps in the middle at the arbor. It’s like a really shallow bowl. It is a full kerf Diablo. I have a Woodpeckers SRX...
  2. Cedar arbor/pergola

    Cedar arbor/pergola

    Thanks to all the folks on this forum for the great advice in helping building this. Three weekends later, it\'s finally complete!
  3. Arbor Bow Armed Morris Chair

    Arbor Bow Armed Morris Chair

    This is my signature Morris Chair in Cherry.
  4. L

    Get rid of the wobble-wobble!

    Ok folks, I just recently rebuilt a 1959 Unisaw (new bearings/link belt/motor/cleaning/etc), but the blade had as much wobble as my old Craftsman contractor saw and it was driving me nuts. I checked the arbor for run-out using a dial indicator. It wasn't too too bad in the .003ish range at...
  5. W

    Arbor Press ?

    Looking to use a arbor press for about 5 minutes to press new bearings onto a table saw arbor.I live in Mooresville so that would be ground zero.Pm me if your within an hour and have some open time over the weekend.Thanx Greg
  6. M

    Freud TK807 Avanti 12-Inch 96-Tooth ATB 1-Inch Arbor Ultra-Fine Finish Crosscut Blade

    Freud TK807 Avanti 12-Inch 96-Tooth ATB 1-Inch Arbor Ultra-Fine Finish Crosscut Blade $27.68 Shipped. Price dropped for today. Usualy good for a day before it goes back...
  7. P

    Cemetery Arbor Gate

    View image in gallery It is finally mostly installed - waiting for the powers to be to decide whether or not to install pavers under the gate annd arbor (it affects the sacrificial ft on the posts) The archs are 171/2 ft across made of laminated oneny cyprus withstaggered splined joints. the...
  8. Cemetery Arbor Gate

    Cemetery Arbor Gate

  9. Matt Schnurbusch

    Delta 10" Tilting Arbor Saw - $500 (Rocky Mount, NC) All the usual disclaimers... Wish it could be mine. That seems like a pretty darned good price.
  10. S

    Shop Press Arbor Plates-Where Locally?

    Shopping around for a pair of shop press arbor plates. The only place I know where to look is HF. I have to order online and with their Warehouse in CA , takes forever to get here. Where can I find locally a pair that is...
  11. A

    "B" Arbor from Arizona Shilouette

    Ok I finally got around to doing a bulk order of pen kits form Arizona. I didn't pay attention and two the kits I purchased require their "B" mandrel. Does anyone know if you can get these else where? Also I have the "professional" mandrel...
  12. Rustic Arbor

    Rustic Arbor

    This arbor is made from discarded pine branches that were headed to the fire pit .It is 7'x7'x13'
  13. JackLeg

    "Arbor" Anyone?

    Got a call from a lady today who had seen some of our cypress stuff. She wants us to build an arbor for her. She's gonna send me a pic of what she has in mind. :eusa_thin Anyone ever built one? Or more? Any suggestions? Tips. Need all the advice we can get on this. Never met this...
  14. Gotcha6

    10" diamond arbor saw blades

    I've got an old Skil 10" worm drive saw. Because of the torque on these units they use a diamond arbor blade. Does anyone know of a reasonable source on these blades? I've got a project I'll be starting soon that can utilize the 3-7/16" cutting depth of this saw offers.
  15. Travis Porter

    Tablesaw arbor nut comes loose - and I now know why

    I have a PM 66 Tablesaw with a zero clearance insert. One of the ones you buy premade. Occassionally now, the arbor nut will come loose when I turn the saw off. The first couple of times I thought maybe I didn't tighten the nut properly, but just this past time it did it and I know I...
  16. jimwill48

    Dado Stack Damaging TS Arbor

    Hi all, On another forum, someone was reporting a issue with a dado stack w/chippers & shims damaging his tablesaw arbor. The dado type was not mentioned but the tablesaw was Ridgid TS3650. He stated that he installed and used a dado stack w/ chippers & shims (to size) and it damaged the...
  17. DaveO

    Garden arbor

    Another little project of mine. So all the new members will have something new to read everyday:lol: :lol: This one combines both of my disciplines, woodworking and landscaping. I built the arbor in the picture out of pressure treated pine. I designed the garden on a site that used to have a...

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