Saw Stop on Time Warp

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Hey all,

Did anyone catch Time Warp tonight? Steve Gass was on demoing the Saw Stop @ 20,000 frame per second ON HIS OWN FINGER. Too Cool!:icon_thum



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Steve Gass was on demoing the Saw Stop @ 20,000 frame per second ON HIS OWN FINGER

Better him than me. I'm not one to put that much faith in technology.

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I'll be recording that one ...

That show is pretty neat ... simple things, cool cameras ... figures you'd be watching this! haha


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My wife and I were looking through the new Family Handyman issue last night and noticed the ad for SawStop with a picture of a barely nicked digit and wondering if someone actually did it on purpose for the photo.


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Thanks GeorgeL for mentioning the Time Warp series!
I didn't know anything about it and now have it on the schedule to record. Awesome in HD!


Clay Lowman
I've seen the demo. Still... if you told me that 100% of the time, you would not get hurt. I don't think I could put my finger up to a sawblade. That's just .... wrong.


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I know I would never put my finger into a saw blade on

That video is amazing....but in a million chances of
failure is still not enough to get me to do that with my fingers.



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Holy crap-that's the 1st time I've ever seen somebody actually put there finger in there-That's faith in your product right there. Incredible, better him than me.

:BangHead::BangHead::BangHead:clamps-clamps-why do I never have enough clamps

Travis Porter

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What channel/station is this show on? I have never heard of it.

I would never do it. My luck the mechanisms would fail and there would go my finger.


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Travis it's on the Discovery channel. In the CLT Time/Warner area it's on 35 in regular definition and 210 in HD.

If you look close at the guy's fingers it looks like he's done this before. I saw at least one ~1/8" nick in the process of healing. Talk about giving it up for your job!


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That is amazing. I can't believe the fact that he had nothing wrong with his finger. He is nuts.. :) I would love to have one but man they are expensive and understandably that is a TON of technology in that thing. However like it has been said before it's cheaper than if you don't have it and catch your finger. I wonder how long it will be before he starts licensing the technology out to the other manufacturers.


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Thats just too much of a risk i guess, but no more than pushing something thru a regular ts and coming within even an inch of the blade which doesnt have the stop mechanism. I know ive done that before, but it hardly crosses my mind that im that close to the blade.

Im curious as to how these saws are holding up after repeated tripping. you can see in part of the video towards the beginning of just how much the arbor, trunions, etc is flexed and pushed backwards. i wonder if it ever starts to run sloppy.

Tom Dunn

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Tom Dunn
I record all episodes of that show, very cool.

If I've ever seen anything more amazing/foolish than the inventor risking a finger, I don't recall it!
Better he than I.......

Don Sorensen

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I watched it last night as well. I liked the under-table slow motion where not only the aluminum brake, but parts of the mechanism are broken as well. I don't recall all that damage from the demo here in Raleigh during the Woodworking Extravaganza...

And I notice they had to talk the inventor into risking a digit...and he did come in from the side. But as a table-saw victim myself, it takes real brass "dangly bits" to put your finger that close to the blade.


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That indeed takes a set no doubt. :icon_chee :saw:
I don't think I could bring myself to do it even knowing that the chances of any permanent damage were really slim. I wonder if he has done it more than once and if so if it gets any easier each time?

So they said in the video that it costs only 60 bones to repair the damage and put the saw back in service. I would have thought it would be more than that. I guess if you can stand the initial cost of the saw then 60 bones is definitely worth the added safety benefit. Not sure that he'll be looking to license any time soon, if at all.

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