1. Timmy

    Workbench plane stop

    Every once and awhile i like to take a break from the woodworking and create something in the smithy for the shop. The first item I made was a set of holdfasts. This time I made some traditional plane stops. I have some wooden ones, but these metal ones are better in thicker stock. They can hold...
  2. J

    I need a STOP Sign

    I need an old stop sign, yield sign or similar size sign. Street signs are too small. I need to cut a circle out of an old sign to adapt a pump bracket to a motor. I have a 6+ HP pump bracket which has a larger bolt circle than my 5.5 HP engine. Being tempered, sign is strong enough for intended...
  3. Kreg Precision Trak & Stop Kit

    Kreg Precision Trak & Stop Kit

    Kreg Precision Trak & Stop Kit
  4. eyekode

    Shop made PM1150A depth stop

    Earlier this year I bought a wonderful PM1150A from Wayne in Mocksville but it was missing a depth stop. I hadn't really needed one until last weekend when I started the joinery on my bench. When I first got the press Bob Vaughn was nice enough to give me lots of advice on my questions. I...
  5. D

    bottle stop hardware

    I'm living in Boone for the summer, but bounce around between Greenville and Wilmington as well. I'm interested in turning some bottle stops, but don't know where to get the stopper part. any suggestions close by?
  6. TracyP

    It's a Saw Stop Thread...... Watch it closely and take the appropriate action when needed.
  7. eyekode

    Replace drill press return spring (and depth stop)?

    Through an act of stupidity I broke the return spring on my newly acquired PM 1150A. If you must know it did not come with the depth stop and the first time I touched the thing I lowered the spindle (much) too far. Anyway I opened it up today to take a look. The tab that goes through the rod...
  8. F

    Triad Shop Crawl First Stop

    Hello folks! Bill said I should post this here, so here goes. I'm inviting y'all to our nearly finished shop up north of Summerfield on February 26th at 4:00 p.m. Please RSVP as I'll need a head count so that i can be sure to have enough pulled pork BBQ for all. Yes, the shop and second...
  9. Don_Patterson_Shop_004


  10. Don_Patterson_Shop_003


  11. Don_Patterson_Shop_002


  12. Don_Patterson_Shop_001


  13. kooshball

    When did Jet stop making jointers that were blue?

    I am trying to establish approximate age of a machine; does anyone know when Jet stopped making jointers that were blue in favor of the white ones? Thanks
  14. SubGuy

    Really mad at Saw Stop!

    I just called the closest distributor of SS in my area (75 miles) and this is what I got: The 10" Contractor Model with 52" Professional T-glide Fence - 1,839.00 The Brake Cartridge (spare) - 69.00 The Dado Cartridge (I want one) - 89.00 Subtotal: 1997.00 Shipping/Delivery (from SS to the...
  15. SGalley

    Saw Stop

    Just a thought.....I read that Saw Stop uses an electrical current to detect flesh. Is this the same technology in my living room lamp that I have to hit 2 or 3 times (hard) to make it turn on?
  16. bobby g

    Saw Stop inventor uses finger in demo

    Wow! Here'e the link to the video.
  17. S

    Delta bandsaw lower thrust bearing stop

    Hi, I have a standard Delta 14" bandsaw that I have been ignoring and am starting to use again to cut blanks for wood turning. My problem is that on the lower guide assembly the mechanical setup that keeps the thrust bearing in place to keep the blade from being pushed back is not holding...
  18. redhawknc1

    Added a couple more planes...when will it stop?

    Built a plane till, filled it up. Have enough to fill another and haven't even built it. Just have a thing for planes and chisels. Got this one in the mail today. What a week! Have pics of the Miller Falls No. 9, just sharpened the blade and wiped it off. It works wonderful. A very nice example...
  19. T

    Going to Greensboro Show and you can't stop me.

    I am going to the woodworking show this Friday in Greensboro this weekend and there is nothing anybody can do about it! So there. I didn't ask permission or anything. I just thought I'd wise off now because I am taking the wife with me so that means I have to behave myself on Friday......
  20. b4man

    Bed frame roller stop help

    Don't know if this is the best place to post this but here goes: I have hardwood floors and two of my beds are on wide, oblong rollers. I can't find a way to stop the bed from moving around when....uh, well :embaresse the dogs jump up on the bed and it rolls across the room!:gar-La; I'm...

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