1. Rick M

    The Wood (heh,heh) smith Shop, new season, started today on WUNC but ...

    it's airing on UNC-MX, some substation I can't pick up. It's not my favorite woodworking show but I'd rather have it than not. I sent an email asking if they will be airing it on the regular UNC-TV channel. How will we ever learn what Don thinks is so funny! If anyone else is interested in the...
  2. J

    Woodsmith / ShopNotes $28 for two years

    Renewed mine this morning for this price. Couldn't log on at internet site, so I called and asked about pricing.
  3. D

    Woodsmith Shop on UNC TV

    As a reminder for those in the triangle viewing area: UNC-TV will be broadcasting The Woodsmith Shop this fall, starting Sept. 24, at 3:30. added Saturday: I just noticed that they are only broadcasting repeats from season 4 - probably cheaper. Maybe not a problem since most of us haven't seen...
  4. M

    Looking for WoodSmith No. 55

    If you happen to have a copy of Woodsmith No 55, particularly the Contry Pie Safe section, p12-17, would you PM me? Thanks!
  5. red

    Craftsman Style Grandfather Clock In Woodsmith Issue #162

    I’m looking for the plans for the craftsman style grandfather clock that was featured in the Woodsmith magazine issue #162. I found the cut list on-line but not the plans. Is anybody able to scan a copy of theirs and post it here or send it to me in an email? It looks like a fun project. Thanks...
  6. B

    The Woodsmith Shop now showing in CLT

    For those in the Charlotte TV market, WTVI public station has replaced The New Yankee Workshop (since no longer in production) with The Woodsmith Shop. They kept the Saturday schedule followed by repeating the episode on the next Wednesday evening at 6:30. Saturdays are always too busy for...
  7. Mantel Clock From WoodSmith

    Mantel Clock From WoodSmith

    Mantel Clock From WoodSmith
  8. B

    Woodsmith Box Joint Jig Help

    All, and DaveO, :) Question, I have the WoodSmith Box Joint Jig and I am having an issue. Not sure if it is my jig, or it is something I am doing wrong. Ok I setup the Jig, measuring, measuring, and measuring. And I fully tighten all the knobs. I do three hits, on one piece of wood, and...
  9. J

    Woodsmith, or ShopNotes, 2 yrs - $28

    Renewed my subscription today to both. Two years (12 issues) is $28. Regularly $44 for either. Buy both for only $12 more than either at regular price.
  10. D

    Woodsmith Shop starts second season

    It's broadcast on WUNCED in the triangle, which isn't carried by Directv. Which of the various signal providers carry this program? I'd love to watch it, and I'd love even more to ditch Directv.
  11. Gotcha6

    Steel City ad @ Woodsmith

    Here's text from Woodsmith Store ad: Steel City Tool Works 35675 10" Table Saw, 3hp 30" Industrial Fence System & Table Board SKU # 206262 Regular Price: $1199.99 Now: $749.99 You Save: $450 Steel City Tool Works 50100 14" Deluxe Band Saw SKU # 206382 Regular Price: $829.99 Now: $499.99 You...
  12. CarvedTones

    ShopNotes WoodSmith Pegboard cabinet - looking for a page

    The dog ate my homework. Seriously, my dog chewed up the first page of the article/plan in "The Complete Small Shop" which was a supplement published by the editors of Shop Notes and WoodSmith. The reason she chose that page was because it was open there because I am building it. I got most of...
  13. L


    Does anyone have a copy of Woodsmith vol 24/ no 143? I have a question about mitered half lap joints. Lorraine
  14. K

    Woodsmith article on panel glue up

    Anybody read this yet? I found it interesting that the article recommended putting glue on only one edge of the board. When I first started trying to learn woodwoorking in the mid 90's one of the first things I learned was to place glue on both edges. Any thoughts or opinions, like no one...
  15. Bill Mason

    Hey Jon Todd! - Woodsmith show

    Jon and any other Triad users, When everyone was talking about the new Woodsmith show, I sent an email to our local PBS channels and was told they had no plans to air it. I got up really early this am to get some work done and just now sat down for lunch and see what was on. The PBS channel...
  16. D

    Woodsmith Shop TV Show on Today

    Just a reminder that the "Woodsmith Shop" TV series starts today on UNC-ED out of Raleigh/Durham. It will be on Thursdays at 10:30AM and repeated at 3:30PM. WTVI out of Charlotte has been broadcasting the program on Saturday mornings at 1:00AM! But starting Saturday Feb. 16 it will be on at...
  17. Douglas Robinson

    FYI The Woodsmith Shop TV show starts 1/31 in Raleigh

    Raleigh area members the Woodsmith Shop TV program starts this week 1/31. For Time Warner Cable subscribers that is channel 203. It will air twice that day. Doug
  18. K

    Raised panels- new Woodsmith

    Just finished a quick scan of the raised panel bits article in the new WS mag. It brought to mind something I have struggled with in the past when making raised panels. This struggle is one of the reasons I have not made many raised panels. I have always made the panels stand proud of the rails...
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Looking to borrow Woodsmith issue #170

    Despite having virtually every issue of WS, Shop Notes and FWW, I cant find issue 170!!!:BangHead: Does anyone have a copy I can borrow? Thanks in advance. Doug
  20. Travis Porter

    woodsmith mirror

    Anyone know what issue of woodsmith has a mirror in it that has built up moldings? It was a pretty easy project and just used different molding cuts on the router to make it look like a crown piece on top. TIA

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