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  11. dino drosas

    Torsion box for bed

    Has anyone built a torsion box to replace the box spring that supports the mattress? I have a reproduction "Charleston Rice Bed" and thinking of doing just that. As you can see from the picture, the box spring is well below the bed rails and the mattress surface is quite high. I feel that I can...
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  15. bobby g

    Torsion box assembly table - UPDATED

    The assembly table in my shop is my favorite place to do just about anything but it has developed an annoying sag. After months of shimming temporary additional tops, I decided to stop and build a flat table top that will stay flat. I watched the David Marks program on the torsion box and set...
  16. merrill77

    torsion box problem

    I built a pair of infeed/outfeed tables for my planer - 48x15". They ended up not being as flat as I had hoped...I have a theory as to the problem but am seeking alternative explanations. I used 3/4" MDF for the sides with 1/4" MDF for the grid and top/bottom surfaces. I started by gluing up...
  17. rick7938

    Portable Torsion Box

    I have a small workshop that will not allow me to have a nice assembly table. I want to build a lightweight torsion box that I can store in my storage room and set up on saw horses on the carport when I need to use it. I am thinking about building it from 1/2-inch MDF internal dividers and...
  18. PeteM

    Torsion Box Garage Doors ?

    I want to replace an old and worn out single garage door with swing open barn style doors. Something like this: He used 2x4's and sheathing and it has to weigh a ton. I was thinking of making one of a torsion box and filling the interior cavity with...
  19. A

    Yup, torsion boxes are strong!!

    If you didn't already know, torsion boxes are very strong and in the case of the one I just built, extremely light too!!! I built the 8' long X 3" thick X 14" wide torsion box below for the article I am working on. I made it from very thin, 1/8" Masonite hardboard, some even weaker thin peg...
  20. Matt Schnurbusch

    Torsion box work bench

    I need to build myself a work bench. As I have ponderd the idea of a bench, the thought occured to me. Why not just build a torsion box and use that. If I added material to the areas where vises would be attached, and filled the cavities with some sand to add weight wouldn't that make a...

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