1. willarda

    sticky thread request

    Steve: can you make my thread on Restoring wooden Planes sticky through mid September?
  2. W

    Including photos in new thread?

    I've got my photos in the gallery but don't know how to include them in a new post. When I click on the "camera" icon all I get is another open window for creating a new post. I expected to get a window showing my gallery so that I could select the photos to be included in my new post...
  3. MissEmmaLee

    My first thread - Black Walnut finishing, not sure about..

    First off, Hello! I have been lurking for awhile, well, since I cut down a large walnut in the backyard, and it's' been drying for over 2 years in my basement. I finally took two of the boards and had them planed and glued, sanded..Been using the Watco Danish Oil to finish. I am making a...
  4. Gotcha6

    Move Thread?

    This thread is harmless, but as a matter of housekeeping, I feel It should be in OT as it really isn't WWing related.. Anybody else see it that way?
  5. sawduster

    Propane Club thread moved ..updated update

    Anyone here a member of this co-op or know someone who is ? Pros ? Cons ? Any input at all appreciated. :icon_thum I just stumbled on it accidentally and did some research but I want some real info if it is available TIA *update* Ferrel switched my tank today. I pre-paid for this first...
  6. Douglas Robinson

    Thread that bears watching
  7. K

    another outdoor finish thread

    I have a white oak outdoor project, I have read a few threads about waterlox and epifanes from jamestown, but wanted to know if anyone has ever used Ready Seal?
  8. cskipper

    Closed thread for Raleigh Klingspor event

    I closed the thread on the Raleigh posts. Maybe it will be less confusing if we title the Hickory show starting like "Hickory Woodworking Extravaganza".
  9. Joe Scharle

    Problem with posting pictures in thread?

    The upload problem may be fixed but I just tried to include 2 pix (114kb and 87kb) and got this: 1. The text that you have entered is too long (822474 characters). Please shorten it to 50000 characters long.
  10. cskipper

    Thread to watch? Yesterday it looked like Asheville Hardware was about to challenge this new company. Sharpening Service did not directly respond to their question and Asheville Hardware hasn't asked again. Might just be something to watch. I was...
  11. B

    Posting a new Thread

    How do I post a new "thread". I can't find any link/icon on the main page? Calling it a thread is nuts. It's simply a message.
  12. TracyP

    Thread deleted Due to classified policy. Just a FYI.
  13. J

    The Gourd Banjo Thread

    Well, I've started working on a gourd banjo. So far my progress has been to wash the gourd with a bleachy mixture. Since then, it's been raining and I haven't been out in the shop, but it should be dry by now. Updates will come.
  14. TracyP

    Thread deleted

    I deleted this thread as I felt it showed dis-respect to women.
  15. scsmith42

    Please re-open thread This is the thread in Wood titled "LARGE sycamore tree". I have an update and photo's to post. Thanks. Scott
  16. manfre

    Please re-open thread

    It's not my thread, but I would like to continue the discussion.
  17. Gotcha6

    Thread Moved

    I moved the following thread; to DIY- Home Improvement. PM sent to posters:
  18. TracyP

    It's a Saw Stop Thread...... Watch it closely and take the appropriate action when needed.
  19. Douglas Robinson

    BoD thread conduct

    Barbara, Cathy and Dennis: FYI: The BoD began the policy of posting "read" in BoD threads so that the rest of the BoD is assured that the rest of the BoD has reveiwed the topic even if they have nothing to add. Thanks, Doug
  20. CarvedTones

    Dust Deputy gloat thread

    I know others got them during the sale also; feel free to add your posts... I got the DIY. Michael Shelly had some extra vacuum hoses he gave me when I bought some wood from him and I have this large Plano dry box (from the thrift store) that always seems too deep for whatever I put in it. I...

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