1. froglips

    Hillsborough Last Fridays needs a strong back...

    Our monthly town street party is in dire need of a strong back. We hire a strong back to help us move our sound equipment and tables. A truck is ideal, but we've managed with cars in the past. The date is tomorrow, 7/29 in downtown Hillsborough (details of the event are at...
  2. SteveColes

    Strong back, weak mind, Patience

    Needed Strong back, weak mind, Patience.:rotflm: On Monday 7/13, tomorrow, My brand new MM16 BS will delivered. It will be on a lift gate. But I suspect it will be safer for 2 people to muscle it off the shipping pallet. Of course, they will only give me a 2 hour window 1 - 3PM. That's where...
  3. A

    Yup, torsion boxes are strong!!

    If you didn't already know, torsion boxes are very strong and in the case of the one I just built, extremely light too!!! I built the 8' long X 3" thick X 14" wide torsion box below for the article I am working on. I made it from very thin, 1/8" Masonite hardboard, some even weaker thin peg...
  4. erasmussen

    Whats big strong heavy and ugly

    This is, when ever I try and turn anything over 10" tall (10" away from the chuck) it starts to chatter, and makes it hard to turn :confused_ So I thought a simple project, running a couple of roller blade wheels up against it might help, but the project just kept getting more invloved :widea...
  5. J

    The Dark Side was strong in Richmond this weekend

    The AAW symposium in Richmond was great. My son and I had fun seeing all the presentations. He got to participate in the Youth Turning and had 2 classes with Bonnie Klein and 1 with Joe Ruminski. All the kids that participated in the program got their names in a hat for the 25 lathes and tools...
  6. Tom Dunn

    Strong wood filler

    This picture shows the result of a second rate bedding job on a double barrel shotgun, a Brizilian made FIE, to be exact. The recoil has caused a fair size piece of wood to exit the stock, which is lost, and I'm wondering what kind of a wood filler might be most suitable for making a repair. It...
  7. WoodWrangler

    Stubbornly Strong (glue)

    Received an email about this Sticky *** Glue that's Stubbornly Strong ... and got a good "kick" out of it. :rotflm:
  8. SteveColes

    Strong Body - Weak Mind - Redux

    I've got a temporary stand to put my new DVR XP on. I just opened the box and decided the safest way to get that piece of Lead:lol: onto the stand is with some help. I need at least one other person and two couldn't hurt:eusa_clap I might be talked into trading this blade for the...
  9. SteveColes

    Wanted: Strong Back, Weak Mind

    I have to move my new lathe from my SUV into my shop. It is heavy:eyeslam: Also, I will be moving the GW Lathe into the SUV for transport on Thursday. Not heavy No I will not be setting it up yet, have to build the cabinet it will be mounted on first. Anyway, if I could get 1 or 2 people to...
  10. D

    Gluing after finishing - How strong is it?

    I'm making this big (10'W x 9'H) wall cabinet out of esentially 14 different sized boxes made out of veneered 3/4" plywood. They will have 1/4" veneered plywood backs. The whole thing will then get a face frame put on it. My question has to do with completely finishing the individual panels...

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