$1 bd/ft lumber liquidation sale!

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Hey Folks-time to thin down the herd a bit-these are lots I recently acquired on a bulk lumber purchase where I only really wanted the butternut for sale.

Sooo..... who's ready for some great deals:

1st up : 76 bd/ft of S2S 3/4" thick cherry (I'd say in between #1 common and fas quality)

$76 bucks


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2nd : 36 bd/ft of S2S 15/16 yellow birch

$36 bucks

3rd - 20 bd ft of red oak 7 pieces all ~ 1 5/8 thick x 48" long x 5.5 wide

$20 bucks

4th - 1 red oak board FAS and nice wide and long : 4/4 13" wide x 84 long 7 bd/ft

$15 bucks

5th - last of the walnut boards 13"w x 5/4 X 62" l 7 bd/ft

$10 bucks

In addition I've got some odds and ends of figured lumber that I'll show from my stash that I just have not been able to use that will be up for sale also- a bit more than a $1 a bd/ft for these but well worth the look. (some flame beech - wide curly maple - curly qtrsawn red oak -etc)
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