1. IMG_08584


    Grizzly G0490x woes
  2. W

    Problem with PC jointer

    I have a Porter Cable jointer. (I bought what I could afford at the time.) It has worked well for some time. I have noticed that when jointing board edges, I have started getting a slight curve in the results. I assume that the two tables are not parallel but cannot find a way to fix this. If...
  3. M

    post a reply problem

    I AM LOGGED IN and want to post a reply.... click (POST REPLY)......all I get is You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: <LI class=smallfont>You are not logged in. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and try...
  4. kooshball

    problem with replies on iPad 2

    lately I have been having trouble on my iPad when I try to reply to a post or thread. After a few seconds (20-45) the reply window drops, safari closes then reopens. Sometimes the text is lost, other times not. This issue is only a few weeks old, this never happened before. THX
  5. Mark Stewart

    storage problem solved

    I got these pic in my email this am and thought id share seems like a good Ideal to me. d
  6. C

    problem with dewalt router

    Howdy all. My 2hp dewalt plunge router's motor is surging. Regardless of the speed setting, the motor will run wide wide open for a while and then the speed will drop to almost nothing. this repeats over and over. Sometimes I get lucky and it works normally for a few minutes, but then it...
  7. L

    Dust problem with planer

    I am making a oak tabletop cabinet and have had no problems with the planer, in fact I just put new blades into it. The oak planed just fine but when I tried to plane some poplar it stopped up the dust system. I remember a friend of mine use to have problems with his system when ever he would...
  8. Joe Scharle

    Problem with posting pictures in thread?

    The upload problem may be fixed but I just tried to include 2 pix (114kb and 87kb) and got this: 1. The text that you have entered is too long (822474 characters). Please shorten it to 50000 characters long.
  9. cyclopentadiene

    Router Table Insert Problem

    I was using my router table yesterday and had a very scary incident. I had a 2" pattern cutting bit in the router trimming a chair leg to the pattern when two of the screws holding the router to the router plate tore loose. I quickly unplugged the router. I purchased the Benchdog clear...
  10. Bill Clemmons

    Problem posting photos

    I just started a thread and tried to post a pic in it, but it didn't appear. I followed the usual procedure: clicked on the camera icon above to open "Insert Photos and Images" window; clicked on the photo I wanted to insert. Usually this puts the photo in the post, but not this time. Are we...
  11. N

    Flag Inlay Pen Problem

    I'm working on a flag inlay pen but the white stripes did not fit tightly in the red barrel. The brass tube has been glued in but there are visible gaps between the white inlay and the red barrel, at least one of which is wide enough that you can see the brass underneath. I called Woodcraft...
  12. ScottM

    We have a good problem and help is needed

    The good new is we look like we will have a record crowd for this year's picnic. The sign-up is pushing 160 with a few days to go for sign-ups. The bad news is we could use some more help with setup and clean up duties. Any one who can lend a hand will be greatly appreciated. Even if just...
  13. E

    Clamping Problem

    I'm building a cradle for my wife. For the bottom I've decided to use plywood with about a 1" band of oak around it. My dilemma is that my pipe clamps aren't long enough. And I'm too cheap to go buy more clamps. Any suggestions? Here is a snapshot of the bottom from my sketchup model (don't...
  14. C

    Newbie problem

    Question: I don't have a lot of experience turning, a couple of classes at a local rockler dealer and a few little acorn birdhouses and pens but what do you do when you get a piece of wood that just refuses to be cut easily. I have a piece of locust as well a a piece of tiger wood but every...
  15. S

    New Jet Xacta Deluxe Problem?

    Well I got my new saw today (pictures coming) and everything went together fine - including getting off the pallate onto the mobile base. There is a small problem with the blade/miter slot alignment that I need to correct before I cut anything but I feel there is an issue with the saw on...
  16. B

    Free wood (Heart Pine) for taking, problem is...

    :swoon:We have a house that needs to be demolished. We can not afford to do it. We were wondering if anyone would be willing to demolish the house for the lumber and bricks and copper wiring and it also has large members of oak. Is there anyone out there that would want this? It does have a lot...
  17. Warren

    Electrical Problem

    I have a 15 inch Pwermatic planer that has about 50-70 hours of use. Today I started to plane some 4/4 rough lumber and hit the start button. No response. Being a mechanical engineer with miminal practical electical experience, I need help on starting my toubleshooting adventure. I have a VOM...
  18. DWSmith

    Grizzly G0690 Problem

    Here is one for you experts. I have noticed on my G0690 that the blade was rubbing the left side of a crosscut towards the throat plate. When I was at Klingspor this morning I mentioned it to one of the salesmen and he said he had a saw that was dishing the blade which caused the rubbing...
  19. L

    Problem Removing Jointer Wedges

    Hi, I am having a problem replacing the blades on an older Craftsman 6 1/8" jointer. I purchased this jointer new around 1983 and have used it occasionally over the years. The model number is 113.206931 and the serial number is 4017.P0663 I never attempted to change the blades until...
  20. bluthart

    Cupping Problem - HELP!

    I finished what I had hoped to be the final panel glue up for my newborn son's crib. After removing the clamps the panel looked fine, approximately 27" wide before final rip and nice and flat. It laid on my FLAT workbench for a few days until I had a day off, and now it's cupped very badly...

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