1. R

    planning on building soon

    I have the rare and awesome chance to build my own shop. I own a little less than an acre and my wife don't want it to be a huge obnoxious thing behind the house. I am thinking about the size of a 3 car garage should be big enough to put out some great woodwork and still not be overwhelming and...
  2. MarkE

    So, anyone planning a trip to Connecticut any time soon?

    I know this is a real big long shot, but I had to ask. Found a table saw for sale in Tolland, but I can't come up with a way to get enough time to go up there and get it. A pickup truck and of course gas money can be provided. :gar-Bi
  3. Rob

    Planning a tool cabinet

    I'm looking for ideas on how to hang my squares on the door of a tool cabinet I'm designing. Anyone have any pictures or ideas?
  4. Mike Davis

    Planning a modular shave horse

    Kind of a multifunction affair. I know I've always said multipurpose tools serve no purpose well. But I think this is different. This will be a shop tool that has various modules that are interchangeable. It will be used for shaving tool handles, carving spoons, planing boards, sawing...
  5. crokett

    Planning An End-Grain Box

    as a birthday gift for my wife. I want it to have a finial and a foot. The loose plan is to turn the stock for the box round, cut tenons on each end, then cut the tenon/part the lid off all between centers. Next I would hollow the top and bottom in the chuck and do final sanding and finish...

    planning a new work shop

    My wifey is running me out of the basement so she gave me the go ahead to start my shop I'am not sure what size to go for and I will be working with a budget I know that I want an attic for storage maybe 12 foot high walls with a 8 foot celling on the inside and steps leading up to the attic...
  7. Phil S

    New shop planning

    I have run out of room for new toys/tools. My current shop is under the deck and is only 12 x 40 with a 6'6" ceiling height. The area is fairly full of tools so I have to continually rearrange everything depending on the project. It is time to build a bigger shop. I have an area in the...
  8. froglips

    Hillsborough Meetup: Adirondack chair planning session....

    Hey gang! This Meetup is the first part of a series of Meetups where we, as a group, will build Adirondack chairs! Our very own Woodartz is hosting this meetup in his shop. Many of you have had the honor of learning from the master wood spinner himself. We are going to meet Wed. June...
  9. HMH

    Is anyone from the Shelby area planning a trip to the Raleigh or Greensboro Area?

    Hey Folks, I have recently bought, (via Ebay) a nicely restored Walker Turner 14" bandsaw ( no stand, no motor) from American Machine in Shelby. I had intended to make a trip out to pick it up, but haven't yet found the time for the 6hr. + roundtrip. Mike w/ American Machine is a nice guy...
  10. DavidF

    Planning the dining table top

    I am at the planning stage for the dining table top and considering my options for creating the two 70" x 20" leaves. Am I being optimistic in hoping to find 16/4 x 12" curly/quilted, KD Maple?? The top is 35mm thick (1 1/2") it would have been nice to re-saw the 16/4 to get the width. If...
  11. jlwest

    Need Help planning some Elm

    I bought some nice elm from Jeff but it is too much for my 13.5" planner. I will be more than happy to pay someone who can help me get it planned. I have about 50-60 bdft. I was going to the Hardwood Store but they stopped planning wood they don't sell. :dontknow: Jeff
  12. Douglas Robinson

    Planning a Greater Raleigh Spring Shop Crawl

    Everyone: I have been knocking this idea around for awhile and have brought it up in a couple of threads. I would like to have a shop crawl in the greater Raleigh area (Wake Forest, Cary, Durham, etc.) I think we can do about 5 shops in one crawl. This is going to take a little planning, so...
  13. DaveO


    I am planning a project. It's a kitchen hutch for my wife for Xmas. I doubt I will have it done in time, but that is OK with the boss. This is to replace a metal bakers rack that holds our pots and pans. The LOML wants it painted, at first I refused, but then we looked at most kitchen hutches...

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