1. DanR

    Reconditioned Dewalt Planers

    I do not have experience with this company (CPO), but I ordered a reconditioned DW734 today for $319 including shipping (there is a $20 discount for any Dewalt order over $99, plus free shipping). They also have the DW735, but from what I have read the differences between the two are the 735...
  2. zapdafish

    Grizzly Jointer Planers

    I was looking over the Grizzlies and found they have 2 very similar ones The Polar Bear has 2 extra image views...
  3. CoolHandLuke

    Thickness Planers and opinions

    Hey fellas, I think I'm going to be shopping for a thickness planer soon and I wanted to hear your opinions/recommendations on a smaller (maybe portable) thickness planer. If you've used one that you like, or know of anything I should look out for please let me know. Thanks Dave
  4. C

    Portable planers

    I intend to purchase a small 12 1/2-13" planer this year. If anyone has info on whats available and recommendations for the best model I sure would appreciate any info. I just don't trust the manufactures blurbs any more. Thanks cemgem :rotflm:
  5. Rob

    Power hand planers

    Anyone have any experience with power hand planers? What to look for, pros and cons of various models?
  6. B

    Opinions - Suggestions on Planers

    I've only been a member a few weeks and hope this is the best location for this post. I have done a little woodworking over the years using only a table saw, power hand tools, and hand tools. I'm presently in the process of redoing the exterior of my home and after trying to find some 1" actual...
  7. K

    Planers galore

    HD in Durham at 15-501 and I-40 reorganized their tool center. They are moving out most of the bigger power tool displays and using some cheesy poster for display. Now you can't even look at the real machine. Here are the prices that were marked. I didn't ask about a discount since I just...
  8. Canuck

    Thickness Planers - How Thin??

    I have a DW735 planer that I have primarily used to thickness plane down to 1/4"-3/4" lumber. The depth turret is graduated down to 1/8th" It would seem to me that at that height, the knives are getting awfully close to the planer bed. As thin as I have planed is 1/4". Has anyone ever...
  9. A

    Shelix for lunchbox planers . . . .
  10. Botanist


    To all, I am thinking about replacing my 12 inch delta planer. It still works fine but produces quite a bit of snipe on both ends of the board. It is also kind of a weeny and takes for ever to take much off the board. I buy all my lumber rough so I use it a lot. It is probably one of the...
  11. L

    13" Planers

    I'm in the market for a 13" Planer. Would appreciate any feedback on the Ryobi model available from Home Depot and the New Hitachi Planer available from Lowes. Has anyone purchased one of these or seen them in action?

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