1. Y

    stanly bailey plane

    I found an old Stanley Bailey #27, in a scrap iron center. I bought it because the wood base and handles were in really good shape, other than dirty. The metal was a big chunck of rust. I've cleaned it all up wire brushed all the metal parts, jointed the base, sharpened the blade to were I can...
  2. B

    Vintage Plane collection for sale

    Not mine, no relation, Charlotte Craig's List... 5 Lot Vintage Stanley, Capwell, USA Block Planes - $96 (Huntersville NC) Date: 2011-01-14, 12:47PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 5 lot of used vintage woodworking block planes. In very good...
  3. Cato

    New hand plane for Xmas to myself

    So this is a slow learning process for me with hand planes and sharpening, but I knew I needed to get a few in addition to all these power tools. GoFor was kind of my inspiration here as he recently got a bevel up handplane and seems to really like it, so I kind of took a plunge and ordered...
  4. C

    Early Christmas Gloat - Plane Box

    Mshel and I exchanged gifts today. When I unwrapped my gift I saw a beautiful box. I knew what would be inside before I opened it. A few years ago when I was visiting Mike at his shop he opened a drawer and took out a really nice box. When he opened the box I saw it was custom fit to hold his...
  5. GarageWoodworks

    Chisel Plane (DIY)

    I recently made a chisel plane from scrap wood and a chisel. It can be used as a shoulder plane or a chisel plane. I hope you guys like it and find it useful. Comments welcomed. :wsmile: 5zNaAgB5aEs
  6. Gofor

    Mini-Tool Review Veritas Low-Angle Bevel Up Jack plane

    I said I wouldn't, but then I did. Went looking for that Narex Chisel deal at Lee Valley and ran out of $$ before I got 'em. Happy Birthday to me!! Came away with this: As you can see, I added a couple irons so it could be all that it could be, and besides, they will also fit the wooden...
  7. Sole to sole #5 and BUJ

    Sole to sole #5 and BUJ

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  8. Sole on sole

    Sole on sole

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane Stanley 5c top, LABUJ btm
  9. Line up, #7 to block

    Line up, #7 to block

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  10. #6 rt, BUJ ctr, #5 lt

    #6 rt, BUJ ctr, #5 lt

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  11. 6 lt, BUJ ctr, #5 rt

    6 lt, BUJ ctr, #5 rt

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  12. #6 top, LABUJ, #5 btm

    #6 top, LABUJ, #5 btm

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  13. Bailey 6, LABUJ, Bailey #5

    Bailey 6, LABUJ, Bailey #5

    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  14. Parts


    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  15. LABUJ18


    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  16. LABUJ17


    End grain shavings using 25 bevel on white oak, pine, and black walnut on shooting board
  17. LABUJ16


    Black walnut shavings using shooting board on end grain.
  18. LABUJ15


    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane Cocobola with 50 bevel left, 25 bevel rt
  19. LABUJ14


    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane
  20. LABUJ13


    Veritas Bevel Up Jack Plane

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