1. CDPeters

    Crack at Segmented Turning - Part 3

    OK - here's where the rubber hits the road. Here's the base and ring 1, rough turned and trued, waiting for rings 2 and 3: View image in gallery Ring 3 glued on (missed getting a picture of ring 2, the walnut, glued up): View image in gallery And off we go spinning. I will tell you I...
  2. CDPeters

    Crack at Segmented Turning - Part 2

    In part 1, I cooked up a segmenting sled for the tablesaw. In this part, we learned ALOT about gluing up the rings. My apologies if some pictures seem missing, but I kinda got engrossed and forgot about the camera :embaresse. I decided to make the base from some curly cherry, segmented. So...
  3. CDPeters

    Crack at Segmented Turning - Part 1

    OK guys and gals, so the goal of this evolution is to try segmented turning. Phase 1: Make a segment sled for the TS. After studying gallery pictures from Joe Scharle and Earl, I set out to build the beast: Step 1 - glue runners to a piece of 1/2" oak ply. I squared up the ply and used the...
  4. H

    Band saw part

    Hello , I have an older model Grizzly G1538 16" band saw that I need an " upper wheel shaft hinge " as mine is broken . The factory has discontinued this model . If anyone has one for sale please contact me . Thank you , Hawk
  5. charlessenf

    Switch Part for Craftsman Power Tool - Help

    I have two Craftsman power tools. A Table saw and a scroll saw. I lost the little yellow safety lock for the TS switch (and am swapping out the one from the SS temporarily) and tried to find one at Sears Parts Online. I figured I didn't need a model number as they all seem to use the same type...
  6. N

    Is there such a cabinet part like this??

    I have a large sliding panel that will be sliding close by other fixed panels. I'm wondering if there is such a thing like a small recessed roller that I can inset into a panel so as they slide by they dont rub against each other. Does this part exist and have a name? I'm thinking of...
  7. MrAudio815

    Delta 34-080 Type 2 Miter saw Part

    Hey All, I am looking for a part that is no longer made/discontinued. There is no part number but in the diagram it is listed as reference number 83A... I have called Delta itself and both telling me the same thing. It is a plastic vacuum attachment that fits in...
  8. MarkE

    G0623X assembly Part 1 & Part 2 & finished? (for now)

    I started putting this beast together this morning, right after a trip to Lowes to pick up 10 ft of 10/3 power cord. One of the first things I noticed about this saw was the "4 inch dust port". Not so much. The connection on the back of the saw is for a 4" pipe, but that is just bolted onto...
  9. J

    Hating the Finishing Part

    It seems that most/many of us really hate and dread the finishing part of a project so I'm just curious about what's the psychology that drives that mindset for you. :dontknow: 1. We use high quality wood species that aren't cheap. 2. We take great pains to cut accurate and precise...
  10. Flute Maker

    Jet 1442VS Tailstock Broken Part ..Help !!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Jet 1442VS wood lathe. This morning I was putting a flute in the lathe and tightening up the tailstock......just pushed the long arm that locks the tailstock in place and the bolt underneath the bed sheared off and now I can't tighten my tailstock down. I don't then I tightened it to...
  11. ScottM

    2011 Picnic Wood Run Part 1

    One of the featured events at our picnic is a good old fashion wood run. This year is no exception. Scott Smith has agreed to bring quarter and rift sawn oak (red and white), ERC, burled white oak slabs, zebrawood, and cypress. While Scott plans to bring extra stock, he would like people to...
  12. FredP

    new bed part 2. finished

    just need a new mattress for the trundle and some pulls [need input from SWMBO] :gar-Bi
  13. W

    Poppy Table Part 3

    Not so many pictures this time. After cutting out the top I spent some time with rasps and files cleaning up the edges. Ed, I wimped out about carving the self and top. Instead I got a 1/8 In radius veining bit for my router and outlined the poppies freehand with the router. It is not carved...
  14. W

    Poppy Table Part 2

    Poppy Table Part 2 A couple of nights in the shop and I took LOML to the airport so I got several hours working on this project today. Started out making a template for the shape of the legs. I drilled two holes where there pattern has a very tight radius. Now cut just outside the line at the...
  15. W

    Building a Poppy Table - Part 1.

    I decided to try a skill building project and ordered a set of project plans from this site: The finished table should look like this: As you can see the table does not have any apron. The top is connected to...
  16. Shamrock

    Demilune Tables Part 2: the joinery

    Ok I got the spelling right this time:wink_smil So after Part 1 we had the aprons laminated. Now we get to cut the mortise and tenons and lap joint to attach the legs to the apron. I have recently aquired a JDS multi router and thought this would be a good "technical" exercise in compound angle...
  17. Shamrock

    Demuline Table(s) : Part 1 the round part

    Here we go, another project series. This was originally gonna be 1 demuline table I was going to build out of some Lyptus I got a while back. The dimensions are custom for a spot in our guestroom. The project is roughly based on the article that Steve Latta did awhile back in Fine Woodworking...
  18. S

    SevenPin's Workshop (part deux)

    Here are a couple more photos of a more complete but messy workshop: :rotflm: Workarea - View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery The "Office" View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Thanks. SevenPin
  19. PeteM

    The easy part is done ! - UPDATED

    Here it is all loaded up: The hard part will be getting it from the shop to the dining room :help: Here's the Base Unit: . . . and the top section: There are some WIP Pix here: pete
  20. TracyP

    Weedpots For Nursing Homes And Shut in's Part Two

    At our dinner in Salisbury last night it was brought to my attention that the "Weed pots for nursing homes" I started last year was a huge success and sparked a great interest among our turners. I was asked to renew the mission I started....Last year I started a thread that had our turners...

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