1. M

    Stain Options on Hickory(Pecan)

    I am working on a piece at a class at Durham Tech. It is a small dresser with two drawers and a slide out shelf. This is a storage system for my daughters' Barbie house. The carcass is made of Birch plywood and pine secondary. The face frame is made of solid birch. I decided to make the...
  2. kooshball

    Rift sawn WO bookcase options?

    I am in the planning stage of determining which finish I will use on a RSWO book case that I am building. The bookcase is a variant of the Jefferson bookcase recently published in popular woodworking but with fewer redundancies (read, larger boxes with sliding dovetail shelves). I want a...
  3. TracyP

    Donation Drive Payment Options

    This is a complete rewrite to the original post. If you make a donation please use the link at the right end of the donation barometer. The green links are not being added to the donation barometer due to some type of linking error. We need to accurately report all donations and when using...
  4. kooshball

    Broken leveling feet on G0490 jointer; repair options??

    I had some mud jacking concrete work done last week that required me to move my tools out of the garage and into my driveway. While moving the jointer across the concrete the "raise" level holding pressure to the wheel slipped and put the machine down unexpectedly. When it came down the force...
  5. D

    FUHR 9560 - White Primer - filler options?

    Anyone working with this primer? I'm wondering what works well as a nail hole filler. Bondo caused the primer to wrinkle. I am doing trim work - pine and poplar. Thanks very much.
  6. farmerbw

    Delta contractor saw mobile base options

    I've got a Delta 36-982 contractor saw with 30" fence, router table extension and the stock integrated mobile base. While the saw can be moved somewhat easily I'd like to improve it some if possible. I'm mainly interested in extending the base out to include the outward support legs for the...
  7. TracyP

    Hard Delete Ability Has Been Removed From Staff Options

    I have changed all of the staff permissions regarding the option to physically delete threads, posts, or discussions. This is the way it has been from day one but I failed to change some newer staff members permissions. I as the current Webmaster will be the only one with the ability to...
  8. R

    Resaw options ?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and NC , I need to resaw Blach Walnut 2 3/8 x10" x6' to 1 3/4-1 7/8 in thickness I doing really want to plane all that material to saw dust I have@ 7 boards whats my best options ?? Thanks for your help Larry
  9. dpsnyder

    15" Planer options

    Has anyone had any experience with or heard anything about the Steelex ST1002 15" planer? I am considering some type of a 15" planer, used or new. also considering Grizzly G0477, Thoughts? Dan Additional Info - IGNORE MY NEIGHBORS COMMENTS and OPINIONS :rotflm: LOML has given green...
  10. M

    Fall Raffle Options

    As I reported at the BoD meeting we had a few weeks ago, I have some prizes in hand and was still soliciting from other vendors. Here is what I have so far: Lee Valley: a medium shoulder plane, one of the DX60 premium block planes (not the nickel resist one but it is a premium plane at twice...
  11. B

    Plane storage options

    There has been a lot of recent threads regarding new and old plane purchases. I'm interested in seeing how everyone stores the planes used in their shop, not decorative storage. I've got planes on shelves, in drawers, under bench, etc and need to build a new cabinet or some sort of storage...
  12. merrill77

    Wood and treatment options for window headers

    We're going to have new windows installed in a few weeks, along with new soffit and facia trim (thanks, carpenter bees) and new paint on the house. I'm going to spec hardiplank (the concrete board stuff?) for the soffits and facias. We want to add some nice trim to the tops of the windows. Is...
  13. G

    What are my best tool options?

    I would appreciate some input from the experts here. I am looking at purchasing a tablesaw and jointer in the next two months, plus some of the accessories. I am a hobbyist, not woodworking for a living. I had to sell my last tablesaw before a move, and got rid of the old and temperamental 6"...
  14. B

    options for building a small box lid

    I am going to be working on making a small box out of walnut this weekend and in planning it out in my head I'm not sure how I will get the lid to work like I want. I want a fitted lid, out of one solid piece of wood, no hinges, that is recessed to allow the corresponding rabbets on the bottom...
  15. CrealBilly

    Augmenting heat options?

    Ok it's freaking cold AGAIN, I have a big old 2 story house with big rooms, 10' ceilings which is hard to heat. My wife would kill me if I dropped the ceilings and frankly I like em too. I really need to supplement my gas pack with something else beside propane (Cha Ching, bend over, yada...
  16. Trent Mason

    Finish options for bowls?

    Right now I'm practicing bowl turning with pine blanks that I glued up. Pretty soon though, I'll probably glue up some blanks from scrap cherry and ash and will be looking into other types of hardwood/exotics. When I was at Dave's shop, he used boiled linseed oil and then some type of wax...
  17. S

    PC Router Service Options ?

    I have a couple of Porter Cable routers 690 1 3/4hp and 7518 3 1/4 hp. The 7518 may need some servicing. Namely brush replacement and possibly the upper and lower bearings. I have 3 questions: -Approx how much would this cost using an Authorized PC repair dealer Parts plus Service...
  18. WoodWrangler

    Cabinet Hinge Options?

    Since moving into my current house about 4 years ago I've wanted to rid the house of the "classic" white oak cabinets. However, it's not really been the highest priority and everytime I think about sinking money into the kitchen I get scared off. Well ... now I think we are just going to...
  19. dtomasch

    QSRO Finishing options

    I have started, and plan to complete tomorrow, the Greene & Greene side table from FWW July/Aug 2004. I am using some wonderful QSRO (thanks jeff!) instead of the Maho that was called for. It will be a christmas present for my mom. I love the rays of R/O, but would like to tone it down a bit. I...
  20. A

    Jointer Fence Options

    I have Delta DJ-20 with a slightly warped fence. Has anyone had something cast iron like that milled flat? What am I looking at for cost? I was at Woodcraft yesterday (yup, made the trek to the big city) and took a look at the SC jointers. The 6" was fitted with one of their granite fences...

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