1. S

    Modern Lounge Chair

    This was a wedding gift for a friend of mine. Based of the Shaun Boyd “Glenn” design. Walnut and elbow grease. Finished with Rubio monocoat.
  2. Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

    Lifttop coffee table in Walnut and Maple
  3. Tommy Smith

    Modern Longworth style chuck

    New guy here, intros were done in the "Who we are" forum. I searched and did not see any posts on the factory made longworth style chuck so I decided to post on the one I received today. Nicely made, smooth operation and appears to be a quality product. I had been waiting for it to come so I...
  4. froglips

    Norris Smoother vs. Modern Knockoff....

    Joel has conducted what might be the most definitive hand plane shoot out ever. His results are indisputable. His testing methodology has rocked conventional wisdom and shown the light of truth upon hand tools. He has laid to rest the ongoing raging debates surrounding Norris Infill...
  5. kooshball

    Modern Highchair completed

    This was a copy of a modern highchair that our good friends saw online and loved; so I figured instead of having them buy one made of plywood (no disrespect to plywood) I would make them one out of QSO as a gift for their next child. The lumber (QSRO) was from Scott and although it didn't show...
  6. Modern Highchair

    Modern Highchair

    Modern Highchair
  7. Bas

    An exercise in modern joinery

    After finishing my first set of shop cabinets I ended up with a lot of scrap and still more stuff to organize, so I built this simple saw accessories cabinet. It's actually two separate cabinets, I figured if I ever want to rearrange things that could be useful. View image in gallery This...
  8. Shamrock

    Modern Shaker Side Table

    Hey Folks, just thought I'd share some pics of my latest project. This is a little side table I built for my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. The plans/design are from Fine Woodworking (July 1989). I'd like to thank Rob (McRabbet) and Greg Smith for helping me locate the plans. I'd also...
  9. G

    New, ultra modern, high tech, state of the art, depth gauge

    I decided to try and make a depth gauge for when I make boxes. Below is a picture of what I came up with. Simple, but it seems to do the trick. It also works for small, repeat small, bowls.
  10. Touchwood

    Modern Shaker MkII

    Hi All, Just finished another "Shaker on Steroids" display table. This one is larger..48"L.x 12" W. vs. 39"x10" for the first one. Both are 36" high. I used Curly Cherry on the top, Tiger Maple on legs, Curly Hard Maple on aprons and Bird-eye Maple on rails. The wedges in the through...
  11. Touchwood

    Modern Shaker ??

    Hi All, Anyone whose been in my photo gallery knows I've been into Shaker designs for a loooong time. Most of those designs derived from Thom Moser's book "Measured shop drawings for American Furniture". I just adapted his design style and construction methods to thing I wanted to build. I...
  12. Sharp Blade

    Danish Modern Desk Design help.

    I need some advice. I have been looking for a design to copy for a desk I want to make. I found this desk on eBay and wanted to see what it would take to make a plan for this. I have NO experience in drawing...
  13. pslamp32

    Modern dresser is done...

    It's hard to compete with that beautiful rocker in the thread below but I thought I'd post the finished pixs of my dresser. Tabletop and drawer fronts are QS oak. Face frame is sapele. Transtinted shellac and Target USL are the finishes. Thanks for lookin'. I know my style is so not cool for...
  14. SteveHall

    Modern end table design

    I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on a modern style end table design I'm working on: The box is intended to be curly maple and the legs and drawer a hard maple, maybe bleached but at least lighter and with less contrast than the well-figured (dyed?) curly. The biggest...
  15. pslamp32

    Modern sideboard WIP....

    I thought I'd post a picture of my latest project. It's a contemporary sideboard made of Sapele, my newest love. I'll be building some steel, 6" tall legs, similar to the legs from my last 2 tables... . The frames in the bottom will...
  16. Tarhead

    Modern Masters TV Show

    I just found a new (to me) show on the Fine Living cable network Mon-Fri mornings at 930 called Modern Masters. The 2 episodes I've seen each featured a woodworker. Sam Maloof was on one of the shows. The only negative is this network thinks we like commercials...seems like ~1:1 ratio of...

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