1. Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

  2. Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    So much to be done, and everyone is just sittin\' around? (Actually all the heavy lifting is done, just waiting on the next crowd of people
  3. B

    WCIF a portable miller in Eastern NC?

    I'm looking for a mill or a portable member in Eastern NC, the closer to Manteo the better. I have one large oak on the ground now and have several mega-pines to come down soon in a lot clearing. I would like to cut the oak into live slabs for tables and the pines into slabs fo a stair case and...
  4. steviegwood

    Miller Oil Furnace 4 sale

    Hi Folks, I have an Miller oil furnace that I am interested in selling. The only reason for selling is that I up-graded to a unit that was A/C ready so I installed a new furnace and central air in our home. This is a 80,000 btu down flow unit with the filter in the door (a mobile home unit). I...
  5. woodArtz

    The Ernie Miller Story (ARTICLE IN REPLY)

    As I was flipping through my new American Woodworker mag, I came across a story about a guy who makes harpsichords. Wait a minute! That's ErnieM! Yep folks, our own ErnieM is featured in a four page story in this month's issue of AW. How cool is that? We knew he was good, but now the world will...
  6. K

    Free Pine for a miller free 2x4's
  7. Bryan S

    Miller Dowel System. Your thoughts

    I would appreciate your thoughts on these, if you have used them how did you like them. I have been thinking about trying thes for some time and they look like their easy to use and seams to add a nice touch. Details for Miller Dowel System - Rockler Woodworking Tools Rockler still had a...
  8. John Reeves

    Miller Falls Miter box

    Is this of any value? The saw is separate. John

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