WCIF a portable miller in Eastern NC?

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I'm looking for a mill or a portable member in Eastern NC, the closer to Manteo the better. I have one large oak on the ground now and have several mega-pines to come down soon in a lot clearing. I would like to cut the oak into live slabs for tables and the pines into slabs fo a stair case and the treads.

Thanks for the help!

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The Woodmizer company in Indianapolis used to maintain a data base of their owners who indicated that they did custom sawing. You might contact them and find a custom on-site miller. I am not connected with them in any manner except my late father used to own a Woodmizer and did custom sawing. For many years he was the oldest registered owner of a Woodmizer purchasing his first WM mill at the age of 72. Their web site is www.woodmizer.com

Wood-Mizer Products, Inc.
8180 West 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Tel: 317.271.1542 or 800.553.0182
Customer Service: 800.525.8100
Fax: 317.273.1011
Email: infocenter@woodmizer.com

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At the top of the page click on "Woodworking in NC" and then choose sawyers. You are in Region 5. Here is the sawyer we use. Not exactly next door to Manteo but he does travel a bit for sawing.

Kevin's Custom Sawing and Furniture
Air dried hardwoods/softwoods and custom portable milling services
Kevin Everett
112 Boyd Loop Rd
Everett's Corner
Beaufort Co.
Tel. (252) 923-0345
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