1. Travis Porter

    carolina Lumber Sourcing

    I am thinking Tracy got this set up, but I am not sure. I have invoiced Carolina Lumber Sourcing and it doesn't look like they have even viewed the invoice in their email and it has been almost 30 days. Woudl whomever lined them up contact them to see if they want to continue their ad? Thanks
  2. M

    sourwood lumber?

    I have got some sourwood trees that need to come down , is the wood worth the trouble to mill or just turn it into firewood?
  3. froglips

    DOC Shop Crawl: Lumber Run

    We are going to coordinate a little something many woodworkers like.... wood! Working with a few of our Wood Dealers to get some nifty lumber into your hands after the Crawl. The plan is at ~4:30pm, after we finish touring Amy's Shop, we'll take to the trucks and pick up some wood. Over...
  4. J

    LUMBER - Anybody win anything yet ? I was just wondering if anybody has won any of the marvelous lots of lumber that went up for sale. I really wanted some, but for many reasons I couldn't pull the trigger. Good luck to many of you, and remember enquiring...
  5. C

    Chris w/ CB Burls

    Hello all, I just wanted to say I have missed all you guys and wanted to let everyone know I'm back, and Still doing wood. I hope to hear from a lot of my old friends that I have lost touch with. Woodartz, please get in touch with me buddy...we need to catch up. :icon_cheers Thanks Guys...
  6. Travis Porter

    Lumber sourcing Ad

    I want to make sure I do this right, and don't screw it up, so bear with me. We received payment for Lumber Sourcing's ad on July 22nd. Does anyone remember when we posted their ad on the site? If I am thinking right, I should set their invoice period to be the 22nd of this month right...
  7. S


    I just got a load of lumber back from the kiln, if anyone is interested: Ash 600 b/f 4/4 5/4 select 2.25 Poplar 1000 b/f 4/4 1c 1.30 select is 1.65 Maple 1300 b/f ambrosia 4/4 5/4 8/4 2.20 Hickory 500 4/4 select 2.50 and I have some lower grade Holly 4/4 4.00 b/f Cypress 100 b/f 4/4 select...
  8. D

    The mother of all lumber auctions anyone need 100000 bd ft of poplar?
  9. D

    red oak lumber

    i am looking to build a red oak canopy bed. i need 10 4"x4"x8's, 8 2"x8"x8's, and 4 1"x4"x8's. i live in wilson. any good ideas?
  10. HMH

    Quick Advise Needed: PT Lumber Storage

    Hey folks, I need to ask some quick advise if I may: I will be building a deck this weekend out of PT. While I was at work this afternoon, the lumberyard delivered my materials. The concrete is on a pallet & wrapped w/ plastic, but the lumber is bundled at in 2 locations and set directly...
  11. bluthart

    Sapele Run / Charlotte Crawl

    I can bring along some Sapele or wormy maple on the crawl this Saturday - PM me if interested. I will also be traveling to Raleigh / Chapel Hill Sunday Sept. 20th to deliver some Sapele. I will have some 6/4 and 4/4 on the trailer. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  12. scsmith42

    This Sunday's Lumber Run

    If anybody needs directions to the farm, please send me a PM and I'll reply back with them. Thanks. Scott
  13. H

    Lumber Yards Last Week

    Thought I would let everyone know that next week the lumber yard will be closed. There is still 400' Fas S. Maple, 4000' weathered ash, 300' red oak, 6/4 s. maple, 400' 1C hickory and 1000' stained ash left at the yard. We are taking the lumber up to Haywood county. If there is anyone still...
  14. dino drosas

    lumber haul from The Moulding Source

    Last week I drove up to Mooresville to see Rick at The Moulding Source and get a supply of lumber for some upcoming projects. I came home with some really nice Genuine Mahogany (Honduras). Getting kind of hard to find this stuff. I decided that I would use this to build the strip kayak. I cut...
  15. TracyB

    red oak lumber

    Does anyone know the best place to get some red oak lumber in the Hickory/ Lenoir area? I need good lumber at the lowest possible price. Work is slow and money is tight. I want to build a piece of furniture for my daughter that she designed herself. Its a kind of storage cabinet with drawers on...

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